AM2 overview~

Alright… so this might be a bit weird to put up… but my group is in the video! xD Just for a few seconds xD Look around 0:25¬†for a bit to see~ It’s a short clip but…. it’s a nice way to start off my posts on how AM2 went! Think of this as a little overview~ I’ll be putting details and pictures up tomorrow!!


Cosplay Tutorial: Shuffle Bow

Finally put some a somewhat requested cosplay video tutorial.
This one is how to make a simple bow, I was able to keep the video under 4 minutes! Less time of your life taken up =3

This tutorial is just a picture tutorial thrown in a video format. I wanted to narrate it but… my voice isn’t the best so I thought a Shuffle song would be sufficient =D

Other than that, I hope you enjoy it if you really do want/need to know how to make a bow~


Kimikotan @ AX 2010

Yesshhh… I finally uploaded some sort of a video blog!!
I’m sorry for such bad editing and all… I really wasn’t prepared for it.
I had ALOT more film… but… honestly? I got bored watching it and it’s of myself!!
Sooo.. I took one from each day and just threw it in to make a .. collage? lol!

And here is my little rants on my other blog:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

AX Overview~

That’s about it~ Finally .. a week after AX I’m finally caught up in all the post ax things needed to be done.
Now time to plan next years!!

I have to say.. this year was great. But next year.. WILL be better!!