2014 Year


With the end of 2014 I have complied most of work into one image :D Quite happy about most of it too! Thinking back it really was an eventful year for me. I was a main event at a convention where I got to showcase a fashion show. I MADE all the outfits for the fashion show within a month o.o Still crazy for me to even think that. I also learned how to make corsets this year as well as made a few already :D I created Sailors Mars that is an actual leotard! o.o Went to the fashion district and found perfect gold fabric that I’ve always wanted~ Created 2 Dynasty Warriors outfits that are still sorta incomplete but really detail heavy so I’m happy~ And then I was able to make commissions and small fashion items here and there!

But the greatest things will happen soon~ Especially since I’ll be on staff for ALA and hope to keep selling items at cons when I have time =3


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