Anime LA Day 2 report

ALA Day two! Finally a day where the most people come because it’s a middle day~
Some awesome cosplays today, I wish I could’ve gotten more pics of them!
The two pics below this are awesome for original desgins!

Ciel Phantomhive,ALA 10,CosplayCiel Phantomhive,ALA 10,Cosplay
Today was kind of a disappointment because I wore Ciel’s pink ballroom dress to enter into the masquerade.
I had this skit all planned out and it turns out I was later to sign up by 10 minutes or so… therefore… I didn’t get to T.T;;
There will always be more chances, I know. And after seeing another Ciel’s dress, I suddenly was happy I didn’t.
Cause I can do better ^-^ For AX!

Anyways today! My cosplay was.. elegant.

Ciel Phantomhive,ALA 10,CosplayCiel Phantomhive,ALA 10,Cosplay

These two pics is with my friend Kauki~ Ciel likes girls I guess xD Well he is a guy! Ciel and a school girl!! ahaa~

I loved, with wearing this pink dress, seeing the looks on more the younger kids and elderly people. Why? Cause the dress is kinda southern belle type which is cute anytime. A few elderly people told me it was cute or walked by and said “Hey did you see that dress? It was so beautiful”
So I believe my dress is what attracts the most attention, You could barely see me underneath all that hair anyways

And if anyone asks… that hair is not very accurate for Ciel. But it’s better than no wig! Someone thought I was being gothic-like. Which wasn’t the case. Another took a picture of me just because I made pink look good to her ^-^

So I actually just walked around. It was a tiring day.
I didn’t get any pictures of the masquerade but it was actually very funny! I hope I can enter in it for ALA 11′!

Ciel Phantomhive,ALA 10,Cosplay

A pic with King Sora! I liked it~

Overall I give this day, for me, an 8 out of 10. Which btw 10’s are days like AX xD

Sorry for not so many pictures with other cosplayers. This day wasn’t so great for me in terms of mood wise. Fits ciel though. I didn’t smile so much xd

Thanks to Erukii for taking awesome pics~