Next Cos: Da Qiao Multi Raid 2

Xiao Qiao Strikeforce

As I was working on my current Xiao Qiao cosplay (which I will update more on later later) I was looking for pictures of theĀ  backside of her’s and found this lovely picture!

This is Da Qiao from the (upcoming?) Multi Raid 2!

First time seeing this, I fell in love with it! Therefore. This is what I’ll be making after Xiao Qiao, pink version from DW6.
I think it is so adorable~ Will probably get a wig for it too since my hair isn’t like that at all.
Just thought I’d update on what’s coming up~
I know I keep changing my mind about cosplay but once I stick to one, I’ll do it.

Originally I love Da Qiao more than Xiao qiao. But da Qiao never came out with a cute pink outfit xD So I’m glad I’ll be able to cosplay both the sisters, just in different games. Woot woot~ Can’t wait ^-^

So something to look forward to! <3 I know I am~