Finished Commissions

I wasn’t going to post this at first but… I thought I mind as well so I can remember all the commissions I’ve done~


Little Sister from Bioshock 2~ Minus the rips tears ans blood…


A copy of the Eevee Gijinka Hermsi designed for me~

These two commission were done sometime in the past 3 months… Glad the commissionee liked them =3 I’m also really happy when they send me pictures of them wearing it~ It’s like having a fashion designer’s designs on a runway~ lol!!

From here on out I’ll be um… reducing the amount of commissions even more. Nothing that will suck up too much of my time because honestly… I will probably get more money from selling things at an artist alley table than commissions. The ones who get nice commissions from me are lucky >.> I charge less than I should at the moment xD

I’ll be updating again soon~~ Classes start next week so I hope I can juggle everything!

All made by me~ Email for for a quote on commissions~ 


New found love~

Exciting new stuff!!


See this beast? It’s my new serger =3 Somewhat cheap but a great investment~ I got it… maybe a week ago? I’m still getting used to it but already it has made my life easier (unless the thread breaks… in which is very annoying if it’s the upper or lower looper).

So far my review of this serger is really… great. It’s gotten countless of 4-5 stars with reviews online which made me more confident in buying this. Weirdly enough… it got better reviews than a singer serger. I was surprised… I mean its.. Singer! That’s like one of the top ‘dogs’ in the sewing business.. from what I can tell at least.

Here… some lovely work I was able to experiment with during my short time of using it thus far. Look, I haven’t even been able to change the thread colors to match cause I’m out of threads! xD

Above is a somewhat cleaner attachment of zippers… relatively… compared to my last one I guess.


Above is just scrap fabric. It was me playing with the tensions of the threads so it all looked nice. And in the end… still didn’t get it right. Lol!

Last weekend I finished a lovely commission. Here’s some of the in progress work~ Did Eevee all over again which was oddly fun… you know your cosplay deprived when a commission makes you happy to be sewing again…. lol!! Not even the money aspect. Lol! (I barely made money from it anyhow.. I was better off taking minimum wage work. Would’ve made more money).

I’ll be posting more, maybe a hoodie next week =3


Hardly working xP

Currently working on my “commission” of the Male wizard. Here’s how it’s roughly going out… Looks… okay.


The blue is the base. What’s left? Just the cape and the black over.. thing.

Other than that. AX is a little bit more than a week away and I really hope I can finish everything in time. I’m glad I have a little help, Gee is doing all the props while I am doing all the tedious sewing work! Lol~
Ahh… can’t wait for AX! I’ll have my line-up sometime next week before AX so you’ll be able to see spot me hopefully! Hopefully >.> Planning on NOT doing 4 costumes this year! (Gasp?!) I only have 2 set and will be working on a 3rd hopefully… hopefully!! =3 You know me~ I’ll work out the impossible if I have to ^-^

(And what helps better than a desk full of snacks~?)