Bellum Pars I Fashion Collection

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Lacy Hoodie Fin.

Awhile ago I did a ‘fun’ project to make a lacey hoodie for myself. Here are the results!



Someone said it was very me… and hey… I did make it~ lol! My brother is jealous and now wants a sweater made for him… of course not in this same design. How creepy would that be.. xDD

Just a few things can be changed about it. I need some stretch material for the bottom and hand holes (?) cause right now its really tight around my wrists… Then Gee added that I could put some lining to all the lace to make it look more complete… so I’ll take that into account for the next project!!

I’m really tempted to try and learn to make cardigans.. I do love them afterall~

Other than that.. may I present to you some in progress photos!


Basic pieces lying on the floor. Sewed together to make a potato sack xD

Lace sewed on top of sleeves and inside hood. And then it’s put together more!

And that’s it! Look out for more later on~ Sorry this is so late >.< (I also went a day to ALA 12′, I’ll try putting pictures up later!)