Cosplay Timeline

Works of Kimikotan Cosplay

aka. Nikki Nguyen.

Nikki has been making her own costumes starting in 2009 after a few years of going to anime conventions. It started off with designing her own Waloli Kimono as well as Miku Hatsune. Since then cosplay has become a time consuming hobby to really challenge sets of skills. From sewing to prop making, a cosplay is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. in 2010 she expanded to commissions in order to let others cosplay as well. In 2012 she opened up her own online store to sell items online as well as conventions.

Not just a cosplayer, but a sewist, artist, and designer.


Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7

Lu Xun from Dynasty Warriors 8 (commission)

Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon

Blue Winged Archer from Dragon Nest

Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS

Bellum Pars Fashion Show Collection

Included 9 separate outfits: Wizard, Elementalist, Dancer, Ninja, Musketeer, Adventurer, Psychic,  Bard and Mystic
(Props made by Hermsi and team)


Mikoto from Phantom Breaker

Asuna from SAO

Kirito from SAO (commission)

Jedi Uniform (commission)


Pichu Gijinka from Pokemon

Link from Zelda (commission)

Sakura Ballgown from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Red from Pokemon (commission)


Shuffle School Uniform

Tomoyo from Clamp

Eevee Gijinka from Pokemon

Eevee Ginjinka from Pokemon(commission)

Little Sister from Bio Shock (commission)

Male Wizard from Ragnarok (commission)

Arch Bishop from Ragnarok


Miku Prom version (original)

Alice in Wonderland (anime version)

Xiao Qiao from Dynasty Warriors 6

Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captors Sakura (movie opening 3)

Chocolate Love from SNSD

Ash Ketchum (commission)

Sakura from Naruto (commission)

4th Hokage from Naruto (commission)


Original Miku from Vocaloid 2

Miku ballgown an Original Design

Rei Ayanami from Evangelion

Ami from Toradora

Haruhi Shizumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Shizumiya

Ciel Phantomhive ballgown from Kuroshitsuji

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