Alice in wonderland~<3


I believe this is a fan art kinda thing of Alice in Wonderland.
Yet this is so far my favorite and because of the Alice in Wonderland love with Johnny Depp came out… I decided I wanted to do an Alice cosplay! And this is what I chose…

Whoever the artist is… I love them for doing it x3
Because this look is part lolita with a beyond cuteness factor to it ^-^

So I debuted this cosplay which was about 90% finished at Socal Gathering 2010.
I plan to wear it to AX 2010 on.. probably the 4th day. Nothing too special but nothing .. lame xD
I just know by then I’ll have the whole thing completely finished ^-^

Now time to work on my next project…


Alice progress pt. 4!


As this is kind of a late post.. at least I’m posting!
So above is just the layout of the apron for Alice. I tried to make it as accurate as possible and also cake it so no threads show because.. I think it just looks cleaner ^-^ But the downside to it is… well you have to be a bit creative. Luckily for me that’s right up my ally~

As I started to put together the apron it started to look nicer..


Here I wore black underneath and then tried it out with the Alice top~
Just the top part.. cause I’m doing the whole bottom part separately first so it looks cleaner at the bottom!

So the pic above to the left is just a test run to see if the length and all was okay. At first I had the bottom part as a rectangle but it didn’t look so nice.. so it turned into a trapezoid shape (yes! I remember stuff from geometry xD)
I added ruffles at the bottom.. looks pretty decent right? The ruffles… always take long to do. Maybe I’m doing it a weird way, I think it’s easier for me but it does take a little bit longer than I think it should…
But then you know my Alice reference… has more ruffles and all! So I decided to add more on~

Ah the second ruffles and I still thought it wasn’t right.. and I cant make my version directly like the picture so.. I kinda improvised. Same concept though~(And I just realized I didn’t post a reference picture! I’ll do that after this x3)

And so I finished the bottom part! I kinda rushes since I had the con the next day.. so my sewing isn’t as clean. As in I was too lazy to figure out correct tension therefore there are the little ridges that you can see. Like its not completely flat (that and I haven’t ironed it completely)
And the second pic is just a test run xD Without the dress yet.

And then I added ruffles to the straps and pretty much done! But you’ll have to see the full pictures later for that~
I even hand sewed in the ruffles at the top because I didn’t want thread to show xD Yea.. that took hours -.-;; So worth it though! ^-^


Alice Cosplay Progress pt.3


White fabric! time for ruffles! ruffles >.> I hate doing ruffles. It probably took me about.. a good 3 hours to just do these ruffles. Yea given the first hour I messed up a lot. And the last two were distracting.. but it’s a long time for ruffles!!

So the pic to the right is what the ruffles looked like.. roughly. It’s blurry, sorry!
And the pic to the right. I tried getting the length of it shown. The ruffled side and the straight side is the same amount of fabric. So as you can see… always need double the amount of fabric xD

Oh and it’s smart to either fray check the edge before cutting, or after. In this case I didnt’ feel like it so I just used the zig zag stitch before ruffling it with a straight line of the regular stitching. so like…

The — is ruffled. the zig zag stitch I’m now lining all the fabric with to minimize fray. It’s an easier way to do so xD

Then I estimated lining up the ruffles. I saw it wouldn’t go all the way around so I did an extra little ruffles. turns out I didn’t need it!
And yea that’s a circle skirt. See the circle?

A closer pic on how I attached the ruffles. Nothing too special. I didn’t want any seams to show so this is what the inside looks like. You can kinda see the zig zag stitching I did there. These ruffles are pretty loose… they can be done tighter to get a more ruffled appearance. I’d recommend playing around with ruffles. you can make roses from them too!


And that’s basically the base~
I just need to add the white collar to the top part and trim up the white part on the sleeves then I’m done with the base ^^
I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. I still have to make some sort of petticoat though… or I may buy it.. what do you think?
I suppose it wouldn’t be so much work to make one of my Im-running-out-of-time petticoats xD Guess I’ll have to see later!

Now I’m going to put Alice to the side and start to work on my White Miku ^^ That’s a bit more important to me…
And XQ? Haven’t worked on that in a long time T.T At least I’m getting some stuff done!