Please Credit Properly

It’s always important to credit while using someone’s designs and artwork. As a designer and maker I take much pride in each of the designs and pieces of work.

As you may know last spring I debuted a collection called Elementa~ It was quite a fun collection for me which highlighted the fantasy fun aspects in my designs. I debuted that collection at Hanadoki Con which I was asked to participate in. Although I didn’t know until after I accepted and quite later that they booked DollDelight as the headliner for the show. DollDelight decided to use Hanadoki Con as their reality TV ground for their series The Doll Life. I decided to watch the episode of Hanadoki Con as I was told my designs were shown in it and indeed it was.

Of course under the wrong designer’s name.

not me2

One of my models, Kim, wearing the water element design started the segment off but with the title of the designer Atelier Le Gateau de Fee. Really a designer’s nightmare right next to someone stealing your work. But it kinda feels that way even if it wasn’t intentional.

So just to clarify… Atelier Le Gateau de Fee is not the designer for the designs shown, it should have been “Kimikotan” at the time.

Minus that mishap and other mishaps…. I’m still quite proud of my designs and the girls that showcased them so well~

show1 show2 show3

Screenshots taken from The Doll Life.

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