RUN. RUN. pout.

This is such a win. It speaks for itself =3

Awesome Zelda (heahea) doing.. who knows what!! But this makes me laugh so hard so I thought I’d blog it xDDD

I think Zelda got mad that someone was taking pictures >.> Lol!

PS. We are SO doing more of these in the future =3


Miku x 2 Storyline! (pic heavy) Pt.1

Disclaimer: The pictures I had to reduce the size down so its just for these story posts, so they arn’t the best. Also no touch-ups or anything was done, it’s just for fun afterall~ (and touching up takes so long, I’m no good at it, so I don’t do it!) Oh! And these next few posts will be image heavy ^^;;
And The Miku Zatsune cosplayer is Kasuki. Miku Hatsune is me ^^

One day Miku Hatsune and Miku Zatsune was forced to sit next to each other. Being natural enemies, naturally they sat far apart. Both not very thrilled to just be sitting there.

But as time went by, both Miku’s set aside their differences and became friends!

This was the highlight of the day. Finally Miku could be friends with her evil/good self! Who would’ve thought that day would come right?

Yet it was short lived as the smell of good Miku’s leek started to get evil Miku ticked off. Flaming her fan around like her owned the place!
Naturally, good Miku, innocent and all, got scared (xP) But tried to live through it…


Just smiling away the troubles Evil Miku was lurking in the back ready to either
1. Take the leek or
2. Strangle good Miku to death!


Good Miku… getting sick of being contantly scared, finally gave up her Leek! (Now is when you cry x3)

Evil Miku, slightly happy, tried to show ‘affection’ to good Miku. As good miku, obviously not so happy (and looking pretty dead without her leek!!) tried to put on a smile. (while also being squeezed to death! -.-;;)

Being the good Miku and all.. she just embraced it finally~ Happy as usual ^-^ And since dark Miku showed her affection by squeezing good Miku to death, why couldn’t good Miku show her awesomeness by ‘hugging’ her other self?

But we all thought good miku was.. well.. good! Seems not. As she pulls out her leek again to show a stronger and more powerful.. leek! This time.. two of them!

Good Miku finally put on her game face…
And Evil Miku? Maybe this is what she wanted all along.

And thus… this is how the feud between good and bad, dark and light, nice and.. naughty? (xDD!!) came about between the two Miku’s.
Will it ever end? What we do know, is that it will continue until someone gives up.

–to be continued?–

(My writing skills? Horrible xD But this is just for fun! I gotta use the pics somehow anyways. but if you hover over the picture, the photographer’s name shows up! Yay for photocredits! -Kimikotan)