Ririchiyo Photoshoot

Hello once again! :D

Today I bring to you a long awaited photoshoot of my Ririchiyo School Uniform from Inu x Boku SS!

This cosplay was actually made primarily out of scrap fabrics xD So the main black piece is acually a little heavier than I would have liked but it initally belonged to Kirito’s Coat xP The lab coat and the inside shirt was already sitting in my closet (don’t ask why I have a lab coat… I’m not even a bio major xD) And so the main things I bought was the gold buttons and thigh high socks! A few flaws here and there but I was mainly testing out some new techniques. I’m glad I just finished it though xD OH and don’t look at my bangs >.>;; I know they are suppose to be straight bangs but I couldn’t bring myself to cut my own bangs and the wig didn’t look so nice :/

But nonetheless… enjoy the photos!
Photographer: Hermsi 

 photo Riri2_zps31add859.jpg

Looks close enough to a campus or a lab in the back right? right…
 photo Riri1_zps902b35e6.jpg

For some reason Hermsi loves to do reflection pictures ..

 photo Riri4_zps7cd62c5b.jpg

One of my favorites since it’s just a cool picture in general~

 photo Riri3_zps8a4e467c.jpg

One of Hermsi’s favorite~ I think he just likes the fluffy hair and lab coat xDD
 photo Riri5_zpse52c4d1f.jpg

And the nerdy shot XD

This uniform is actually REALLY short o.o We shot these at a place called crystal cathedral because we wanted a place with glass/mirrors. It was really awkward walking around in such a short dress so I tried keeping the lab coat on which was a few inches longer xD But it was so bad that if I leaned over a railing a little it would be such a panty shot T.T Did I realize I did that to the dress? Sorta… I admit. With thigh high outfits… it usually looks better on me when the skirt/dress part is mid thigh. So I don’t know if I’ll be wearing this to cons unless I but those fake thigh high stockings xD I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures, there are more floating around somewhere on my dA and facebook as well!

So yes! Hoping to get a photoshoot of my re-done Dragon Nest Archer sometime soon =3 And I have a giveaway and tutorial up soon too! =3

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Hipster Days

 photo AutoColor_zpsfc75e2c5.jpg

Hi my little ones!

I haven’t updated in awhile… it’s been hectic for me though. A few weeks ago we went to Comikaze which was quite an experience. I saw some cool people (including Charmed’s Phoebe!! She looks so pretty @.@) and then also caught up a little with my old booth boss who still calls me Trouble xD

I normally don’t go to comic cons but we wanted to check them out… see the scene and difference! It was… quite something. I wouldn’t mind going to a few each year. But my normal anime and gaming cosplays would be a little out of place… so we tried to do something quick yet would fit the theme! So we decided on this =3 hipster X-men! So I’m psylocke. Herms in the middle is Cyclopes. And Heather on the right is Rouge~ We did get a few comments and I did get a few “Casual Psylocke!” so at least we were recognized!

The reason I haven’t updated is because I’ve had a lot of test prepping and I’m still working on my kickstarter! Although I do update my twitter and facebook a lot more often if you’d like to keep up to date with me :D

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kimikotan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimikotanCosplay

I do have a lot of in progress pictures around the place but I’m waiting until I have the full beginning to the end before posting on here! But I’m hoping you’d be excited to know that I’m dishing out a lot of money (I’ll probably live off of ramen and in-n-out) to be able to go to more cons and travel around! I’m hoping it’ll let me see the other cons. I figured… I can’t just keep sitting around and waiting for something big to happen. I’ll do what I can and I’ll take these risks! If I don’t.. well I feel as though I’ll regret it.

Oh and as a little update… I did get my finalized business cards in! :3 They look awesome and I’m so happy =3 I’m working on a subsidiary brand, hopefully I’ll see it live to its fullest potential one day =3


PJs! Shorts~

Since I’ve been super busy in which I can’t really sit and do cosplays… I’ve had other mini projects while I wait like 10 minutes throughout my days.

So I decided to make pajama shorts!! It was actually fabric I bought two black friday’s ago… yea. Crazy right? It was really cheap and I bought all this cute fabric to practice making shorts xD So here it is~

 photo DSCN2822_zpsb081cba5.jpg

 photo DSCN2823_zps6b5aca24.jpg

Can you guess which is the front and the back? The top picture is the “unofficial” front. As in… It’s really the back because I got the sides mixed up >.< The shorts are really puffy too! It’s kinda cute =3 Super comfy that way too lol. Sort of like a half skirt… but I want my next shorts to be pleated and see how the shape looks instead. I also might keep with the bow butt.. it’s sorta cute =3 And unorthodox but it’s awesome~

I’m planning a huge announcement soon if I can get it off the ground. If so…. you’ll be seeing a lot more of me =3