Making a difficult cosplay pattern

For Anime Expo I decided to go outside my comfort zone a little and have a cosplay that’s a little more revealing. So I made Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7! Since I have already done Xiao Qiao, I thought I would branch out to another character~

During this more challenging cosplay I had to make an open back for the dress. At first I tried using a pattern I thought would work in my head, it was quite straightforward. But without some major alterations it wasn’t worth keeping, so I used this method to find a better pattern for a better fit! (and let’s face it… where am I going to find this in a commercial pattern?)
Quick Pattern Making Guide

I decided to put this little example of how I made part of my Diao Chan dress together~ It’s just a guide/example/tutorial that I hope can help someone out if they are looking to make something you can’t easily modify from a pattern.


Sailor Scout Bow Brooch


For awhile I’ve debated on how to make the brooch of the sailor scouts… because they don’t seem like they shine and they also don’t seem like full half circles (or else I’d just cut half a Styrofoam ball and call it a day). So I decided to look for a big button .. if I couldn’t find that I was just going to plan B which was the Styrofoam anyways xD |

So I actually found a button! It’s a huge one that’s about 3 inches in diameter. Around that at least.
I took the same red stretchy fabric I used for the puff sleeves and stretched it around the button!
(not shown – I cut out a 3mm foam and put that on the bottom so there would be a straight flat surface and give the button more elevation)
Then just carefully and strategically hand-sew the ends together. which you can see in the middle picture!

The key is that the stretchy fabric will keep it looking clean and not wrinkly on the ends. Something about trying to make a non-stretchy fabric conform over something round isn’t very pretty.

And that’s how I made the brooch! Same concept can be applied to pretty much anything round with a flat bottom~


Mikoto Progress!

Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker by 5pb!


 photo DSCN2917_zps006956b6.jpg
 photo DSCN2918_zpsfeab4845.jpg
 photo DSCN2920_zpsa1385e33.jpg

Basically the front and side panels! I’m trying something really… different for this outfit. So I drafted up a pattern but I wanted the seams to be in different places so it took some thinking… you can kinda see how I ended up doing it too! Some flaws in it was that I still had to make a side seam to make it fit nicely. And Don’t use a interfacing that doesn’t bend nicely >.< I totally got the wrong interfacing and had to use it anyways!

Anime Expo is less than a week away!! I’m so excited because I’ll be performing a new role this time around and get to see what it feels like to be stuck in a booth for a few hours a day! I’m excited but nervous at the same time… what if I just stand there and no attention is directed towards me?! I’m in all black and I feel as though I’ll just blend in!! T.T (I originally picked her cause I thought she was tinted purple… T.T)

As usual… I’ll be posting again later with more progress! But it seems as though I’ve taken a liking to my facebook page =3