Anime LA 2015 o.o

I guess time and prep got the better of me and I totally forgot to post about my time at Anime LA!!! Which is surprising because this year was the year I decided to be ambitious and get my own half table as well as staff o.o Quite a busy weekend with debuting Hilda from Link Between Worlds too!

Photo by Hermsi, taken at ALA15

Photo by Hermsi, taken at ALA15

Really exiting stuff :D I’m happy with how Hilda turned out but gotta do a few alterations still. One main one is making sure the skirt stops touching the floor and the red stripe may be moved upwards then. Oh! And that armor kept moving around =.= Gotta keep that in place xD

Other than that I met some awesome new people and got to talk to SO many new cosplayers… I was just ecstatic =3 Next year it won’t be in the same comfy space but… eh. We’ll live and who knows, maybe someone will step up to the plate and decide to put another con there!

The photos can be seen on my facebook page: or I’ll just link to the album :D


2014 Year


With the end of 2014 I have complied most of work into one image :D Quite happy about most of it too! Thinking back it really was an eventful year for me. I was a main event at a convention where I got to showcase a fashion show. I MADE all the outfits for the fashion show within a month o.o Still crazy for me to even think that. I also learned how to make corsets this year as well as made a few already :D I created Sailors Mars that is an actual leotard! o.o Went to the fashion district and found perfect gold fabric that I’ve always wanted~ Created 2 Dynasty Warriors outfits that are still sorta incomplete but really detail heavy so I’m happy~ And then I was able to make commissions and small fashion items here and there!

But the greatest things will happen soon~ Especially since I’ll be on staff for ALA and hope to keep selling items at cons when I have time =3


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas-chuuu~~

Here’s a little drawing my friend Mica did for me as a Christmas gift =3 Isn’t it adorable?! I love having artists draw the Pichu outfit =3

No Christmas themed cosplay this year xD Maybe next?