5 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Could you teach me how to do xiao qiao’s fan .. cause i really have no idea how to start it .. tnx in advance .. god bless :D

    • Hmm.. I won’t be able to replicate them to show you but I’ll try to write up a little tutorial on how I did my old ones and hopefully ways to make them better haha~ It’ll be up on this page hopefully soon.

  2. Hi Kimikotan!
    I stumbled across your page from cosplay.com while researching RO Arch Bishop cosplays.. I love how you’ve done the cross for your RO Arch Bishop cosplay.. I was wondering if you could tell me what you used to make the crosses? I’m hoping to make a Arch Bishop cosplay as well.. But I’m a little stuck on the crosses… I want them to stand out and look real.. Not just fabric >.<

    • Sure! For those crosses I used “Model Magic” clay which I found in a normal store with craft items mainly. First I had fun foam with wires on the back to hold a slight rounder shape. With that I just added the clay on top in a 3D kind of format. After that it’s best to seal, paint, then seal again. I think the hard part is the 3D portion because “model magic” tends to dry fairly quickly so creating the perfect shape at once can be stressful.

      I hope this helped out =3 I don’t have many pictures so I can’t really show you .. >.< Sorry!!

      • Thank you very much Kimi! I’ll see what I can do! I’m not very good with clay, but I’ll try! Thanks for the tips ^_^ <3

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