Pichu Gijinka Photoshoot

Catch me~

Kimikotan Pichu

Let me start this off by saying all the pictures were taken by Hermsi~ We were at a regional park which was HUGE but led to many different photo opportunities. Though as the minutes went on it grew tiring to explore the whole park. So to the pictures!! My personal favorite is the one above~ It’s cool cause I really do love the cliff you see as a backdrop. Scary to almost fall off of though xD Okay, to the rest!

Hey look! I see another Pichu~
Kimikotan Pichu Cosplay

Vintage-y looking huh? Think of it like.. a lost Pichu xD

Sitting~ The tree looked… really cool xDD  (colors are a little orange just for effect~)

Last picture I’ll be posting up here~ (check out my other blog for some more casual/funny ones) But this show was taken while I was off guard but… I like it for what is happening in the background~ It’s pretty no? xD

Hope these were at least somewhat cool to look at~ xD I know I said I would put up a little thing on how I did my top half of this cosplay but.. I don’t have any pictures for it so… I guess that idea is scrapped >.< But look forward to seeing this cosplay behind an Artist Alley booth at AM2!!! <3


Pichu Progress~ (SKIRT)

You can think of this as a little slideshow on how my Pichu Cosplay came about xD I’ll try to explain some things along the way but if you want more information on how a part was made, feel free to comment~!

For some background information Pichu is a Pokemon so this is technically a Pokemon Gijinka based on the design Hermsi put together for me! It’s such a rough drawing but… I’m hoping I can get him to redraw it nicely =3

So let’s me just quickly start these pictures~
Photobucket Photobucket

I started off with a normal circle skirt which is honestly quite short because it’s from scrap fabric >.< Then I cut out a thick band for the top which I’ll use later to attach the skirt together with the chiffon yellow. (I made the band thick so I could pull it down farther if it was too short for my tastes).

Then I took 1.5 yards of yellow chiffon (color more accurate in 2nd picture) and made a circle skirt with the waistline twice as big as mine. Thus I was able to pleat the circle skirt giving it a more flowy feeling~ Picture to the left is the skirt before I gave it a rolled hem on my serger, picture to the right is with the rolled hem on both the yellow chiffon as well as the white skirt underneath. You can tell I attached it all nicely to the band at this point =3
Photobucket From here I attached it by velcro because I was low on zippers >.< but I recommend a zipper or changing it up and even doing elastic would work! …. Now that I think of it.. elastic Would’ve been good to use. Oh well~

PhotobucketAnd that’s the ending of my skirt~ This picture is with a slight petticoat underneath~ I’ll be redoing the petticoat too so it might actually be poofier by the time I get pictures of it =3
Hey look, you can see pichu sketch on my screen xDD

Alright, that’s it for me today~ I honestly don’t have any pictures of the top o.o I forgot to take pictures… but I’ll try to find something to post up? ^^;; Till next time~