Elementa Collection

I present to you my second collection: Elementa~
Created for debut at Hanadoki Con 2015

I had the pleasure of debuting 7 new outfits at Hanadoki Con who invited me to participate in their fashion extravaganza! It was quite the experience which was great minus it being so hectic. But isn’t every fashion show hectic? xD

This collection was my take my elements being transformed into high fashion fantasy outfits. I wanted my signature flow to be present as they walked the catwalk and in a perfect world an orb that would showcase each element. But regadless of countless setbacks like time, budget, convention communication and space… I was able to somehow pull through just in time. This is actually the first time I really paced myself and finished everything the night before thus letting me sleep well through the night :D

For the photoshoot I wanted to really concentrate on pairs. Whether they are opposite or complementing each other. I get the question of “how do you match models to designs?” Well I look at their personality and see what kinda of image they portray and then I look at their best physical asset and try to really showcase that. It gets difficult when I haven’t met them in person but if something strikes out to me in a photo they have I’ll be sure to take note. I’m not always looking for slim typical looking models, I like variety in height, size and skin color :D Because I believe there is a design perfect for anyone.

Light & Darkness

This pretty much sums up light & dark~ Alina was a dear and put on the best eye rolling face ever :D She’s really awesome at getting my image through the camera. Julianne aka Kurukame was a wonderfully bubbly person that smiled all the time so light was quite… bright and happy!

Metal & Earth

Compliments to each other if not part of each other~ Metal and Earth working together to keep stability. Mari aka V5 and Jackie aka Jack Jack Cosplay was wonderful together~ They also look like they can kick someone’s butt xD

Water & Fire

Girls that have legs for days :D Kim if you don’t recognize her was awesome for letting me put her in something similar to the last show. I was on a time crunch but I did try to give her something different anyways. Serena aka Crafty Foxx is one of the new girls to the bunch but is quite awesome :D

Earth & Wind

Get it? Air/wind is above earth XD Jackie was wonderful for being in two sets :D And I had fun but difficulties trying to get my skirt to cooperate.

As for individual shots this is where the girls got to really shine~

Comparison 1 smaller

And easy comparison on how even though I designed the outfits and made them myself… drawing and application changes all the time. Some changes are slight like fire has more fire “petals” on the skirt for modesty and water as white instead of light blue. But other things like my wind’s skirt was changed completely to start from the bust and light’s feathers were omitted for simple applique design. Little things here and there were changed as I made the outfits but for different reasons. In the end I think it just looks better :D

So grateful for all the models taking time out to help my vision come to life :D Really are awesome people and please go visit the ones that have pages! Give them some love <3

Darkness model: Alina
Light model: Kurukame
Fire model: Crafty Foxx
Water model: Kim
Earth Model: Jack Jack Cosplay
Wind Model: Me~ Kimikotan
Metal model: V5

And of course designed and made by yours truely~ Kimikotan 

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Fantasy Archer Bow Tutorial

Hello All~~

So when I made my archer bow for my Dragon Nest Archer cosplay I decided to take pictures at every step! I’m hoping it’ll help out anyone that needs something similar to it since I do get asked what it was made out of.

The bulk of the short bow is made out of cardboard… you know those packaging boxes you can buy at the hardware store.

Materials you will need are:

1. Cardboard pieces cut out in even squares (so if its small you can cut 4 x 4 and if your prop is bigger than 8 x 8 like mine)
2. Glue meant for paper/cardboard!
3. Exact-o Knife or a box cutting knife for the cardboard



From there you’d want to already have your rough draft of the prop! So draw that baby out on some banner paper or butcher paper (whatever you might call it) and with that you can layer the cardboard! So it’s layers in a way where the creases are NOT in the same place so it’s more sturdy. Think of… bricks. They aren’t stacked right on top of each other but instead in the middle of two! For this bow I used 3 layers of cardboard.. it’s pretty sturdy with that amount. I’d use 3 as a bare minimum if you want it to have some strength to live on, more is always welcomed if you need something thicker though~

So here is just my reference picture and you can start to see some linear process!
Here just glue the squares on top of each other with the cardboard glue.. then trace your pattern down!


So from here… you may want the extra support in the middle so I put in dowels! I just cut the dowels into pieces that I needed and traced the shape to where I wanted it on the bow. Cut out the slots and used ALOT of hot glue to glue them in! No worries if it’s a little messy on top, this will be paper mache’d later so it won’t even be noticeable~ I even used a thinner square wood piece for the more thinner ends of the bow… it puts my mind at ease that it won’t bend if I accidentally bump into someone.


Now to use your arm muscles!! Cut your design out! Hopefully yours doesn’t have these curves like mine… it takes a lot of patience! AFter that I cut the same design out of cardstock! The thick hard paper on top will automatically make the paper mache process go a lot smoother~ This step is of course optional but just from my experience… it looks nicer :D


After a few layers of paper mache… paint it over with your favorite gesso! Mine just happens to be black this time around xD Then I sanded it and painted it again with another layer of gesso. You can keep repeating this process until you get the desired smoothed surface~


So from here I would just paint on the design and add the big wings you see on the reference picture. Sadly I don’t have an updated picture of it.. but I will update this when I do :D

I hope that helps someone on maybe not just this bow but some other prop they are trying to make! It’s possibly the cheapest prop I have made but just because the materials are cheap doesn’t mean the outcome looks like it :D Just remember to put time but patience into your projects and they will sure succeed~


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