White Miku — Contest Fin.

I finally… entered into the Joanns Prom Contest. I’m excited. Really.
I want to say “even if I don’t win, it’s okay” But I have thrown so much work and worry into this… I bet everyone around me has gotten sick of me talking about it.

I entered in today. It ends tomrrow xD Last minute? I know. I work best under pressure though!
It’s sad.. I wish I knew about this contest before… cause this is my first and last time I can enter in T.T I love entering contests… I just wish I always had the guts to do it.

And so I am going to continue on with my cosplay work as… it may not bring in money but I love it x3

Thanks for the support everyone~

So here’s some pictures of my Miku outfit! Not the same pictures I submitted in.. but close~



The first picture is… just a shot my sister got when the wind blew xD I thought it was cool~
Then the second pic is just a close up of the gloves.. purse.. and top beading I did. I’m very proud of it… took a VERY long time. I have to say I put more than 10 hours on this dress… Cause I know I worked on it through a couple movies… alot of Charmed shows. And when talking to friends… Then there was the few days before today that I worked on it the whole daaay.
So 10+ hours of work. +
Over $50 worth of supplies
= A Prom look complete.

Now lets see how this looks with a wig! x3



Miku Beading.. is done!

I finally starting to put pictures up of my work because… I’m sending in the contest form tomrrow.
And I didn’t want to put it up earlier just because.. its a contest xD Why reveal all my secrets?
And I think it’s oaky to show my process now that the deadline is VERY close. So who can even try to imitate?


The first picture looks like a little man.. xD The second.. he has arms! but see? here I was pretty good with beading.. it looks.. decently symmetrical.
I did most of the beading while watching.. Charmed. Cause that’s a show I can mainly listen to while concentrate on beading xD IT was nice…


Okay now it gets more complicated right? I think its getting a more.. elegant look. I like it more than my original design (which I’ll post up a pic of at the end). Added a sparkle of blue, just enough to be seen but not to overpower it all. These beads are REALLY small.. and this was hard because I didn’t want all the thread showing in the back. I ended up using half the bottle of white beads on this. That’s.. a lot. Mostly cause its these 1 mm beads!


Small details kept being added on as I kept winging it. I seriously.. Didn’t plan any of it out. I just decided to go with the flow and keep with the same elements. I’m really glad I eneded up using the pearls as.. I love pearls. I don’t know why. I just do! So using pearls as my main piece made me happy ^-^


And that’s basically the ending design!!
I like it. I kinda wish I made it bigger but… beading takes so much out of me. I now have a high respect for the wedding gowns that are beaded. Cause beading is so.. so hard.

No more beading for me. I’m done xD I say that but I ended up putting beads on my gloves! xDD


White Miku’s Necklace~

Soooo! I did decide to use wire sculpting for the necklace~ Annndd..
Thanks to a brilliant Genie~ He made a necklace design that looked.. so complicated.. and almost impossible to make. But I did my best~

Here’s his design..

So here’s how it all went down…

First I couldn’t figure out how to do it.. so it was just a string going through a heart xD
But then you know what… I just added in the second wire. It looks better right?


The thinner wire then went on the bottom in a swirly motion.. some more swirls! Then 3 pearls xD That took awhile actually.. the thick wire is hard to bend by hand but was bendable enough so I could bend it making it look smooth~


And then I got really fustrated and ended up finishing it xD
Lots of bending to make it fit me in the end. And added pearls in the middle of the parts by using finding wires… which.. I don’t really have a picture of…

Overall… this took a few hours.

I took out a few swirls from the design but.. I think this works for the first time I’m working with wire ^-^ It’s actually quite.. ‘fun’?
Okay it was a good experience. I think I’ll be working with them more. That’s for sure.

Overall… 5+ hours on it? T.T