Anime Expo 2014 Overview

Well hello there everyone :D

Let me start this off by … I did not follow my cosplay line-up but I don’t think I ever do xD But I finally got some pictures from the convention and here’s the bulk of Kimikotan Cosplay in one picture!

AX2014 Cos Line
Yep! Everything you see there I basically.. made o.o Mars, Lu Xun was a commission for my partner, Ragnarok, Diao Chan, and Pichu! Yes Ragnarok and Pichu are old but… eh. I still think they are in good condition to see the light of day every now and then xD Diao Chan is incomplete but I wore it anyways (will have it done later). And mars is just an overall comfy costume!

Alright so how was Anime Expo for me this year?

I give it a… 6/10. The downside was mainly linecon. Too many lines and waiting… Registration for me took about 2.5 hours in the blistering sun T.T and in cosplay! while I didn’t get to go to any of the panels I wanted to because the rooms capped out. I also later heard that the con got capped out o.o Then online I read on how some people forged badges which really means there were still way too many people there T.T

Anyhow. I got a few new things including a new Alpaca, Pop!, and a print!

Now as for pictures… Hermsi has put pretty much the majority of them up on his facebook. He’s the photographer so I don’t even bring a camera around now a days xD But I managed to get a few not shown on the facebook album and I’ll post them below! They’re all basically pictures of me with a cosplayer XD I like taking pictures with other cosplayers =3 If you remember taking a picture with me but it’s not posted, it’s because there was a lot of pictures and I only selected here and there xD Or it can be at the facebook album!

So.. let’s start the pictures!!

 photo 10474762_1444516835816194_3501881289389410981_n_zps9762290f.jpg

Starting this off with… how AWESOME Harvest moon continutes to make BIG PLUSHIES :D ITS SO ADORABLE!!!

 photo DSC_0626_zps54711587.jpg

Now this picture was entertaining to do :D She kept bringing her axe closer and clsoer to my neck o.o I don’t think my talisman worked either >.>

 photo DSC_0635_zps9cda8af6.jpg

Hehe this guy was cool~ He was really tall o.o So he crouched down to get to me height xDD His cosplay up close was really cool too!! (This is me trying to imitate him btw xD)

 photo DSC_0169_zpsf1fd74d9.jpg

Ahh! Dude they’re on like stilts or big shoes or Textbooks!! They also had the voice mod going so it was really fun to hear them talk =3 Really nice people too! =3

 photo DSC_0673_zpsf5a04999.jpg

These girls were really nice to me for me being so dang awkward T.T I really liked the Scheherazade’s staff and dress =3 it was SO pretty~

 photo DSC_0062_zps3f6ad1e8.jpg

Omg. We found MORE DYNASTY WARRIOR COSPLAYS :D apparently we missed a gathering? >.>;; But it’s so cool still =3

 photo DSC_0597_zpsb1ab24fc.jpg

And lastly…  me and my friends switching weapons! And uh. Yea. Bunny girl there trying to be cute xD

And that ends it! I played the cosplayer this year. No promotions or a booth but NEXT year.. I plan to be super busy with everything o.o Kind of looking forward to it actually! Once again… visit my Facebook page @ kimikotancosplay for continuous updates from me and to see more pictures from the con!

Already Planning for AX 2014


Can you guess~?

Anime Expo is definitely the biggest con of the year for me and it’s something I take a few months just to make cosplays for. I’ve been trying to keep it shush shush until I actually get some progress on it but I have 2 cosplays planned and 1 in the making! Can you guess what it is? Yes the one on the right looks like an animal, I’ll be morphing it into a cool looking dress so that’s just the animal~ And the circle on the top is a cosplay I don’t know I’m doing yet! But I’m pretty much planning to keep a spot open for promotional purposes and/or an easy cosplay for like …day 4.

I went to Wondercon 2014 and Anime Conji 2014 this month! They were both on the same weekend so it was quite the rush to go to both on different days. I don’t have many pictures at either so I won’t be posting anything up for them. There is a little on my facebook though~

I’ll be posting progress for my current cosplay that I’m re-doing as well soon and the new ones. I have a photoshoot soon so hopefully pictures up sometime in the next 2 weeks! I also told myself I wouldn’t buy regular clothes unless they are to help my cosplays or I can’t make at all xD So if I really want something… I better make the time to just make it myself lol. It’ll also help clear my closet problem it seems that I have been acquiring.

I’m super excited for AX now and I just can’t wait! I already have my ticket bought and just about to buy my tickets for Anime California in August and Anime LA in January! Yes they are both far off but if I know I’m going for sure why not just buy it now right? (while it’s cheap too! price increases may 1st~)’

Until the next time, bai!



Mikoto Photoshoot~

Okay remember Anime Expo 2013? And I was Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds! Yea. I forgot to upload pictures from the photo shoot we did at con >.> But I’m remembering now! So here they are! Above you see the differences in backgrounds and expressions xD I’m kind of sad I didn’t make the dress out of different shades of grey… a lot of the details get washed out because of it >.< It makes me sad T.T But the crappy bow gets shown cause its white T.T Oh well! I worked with what I got xD Still kind of sad I didn’t have the sword T.T

Oh right! I have more pictures though~ Here’s the offical “teaser” picture that was posted on my facebook first:

 photo BlackDoll1_zps83d9a284.jpg

I think I just liked the sitting pose with this cosplay xD Just for sake of continuous background themes.. here’s a pink one!

 photo BlackDoll6_zpsfb16a5a2.jpg

But this is a little more of a cutsy kind of face xD It was really fun doing all these expressions!! Normally I kinda do the same thing… but I’m trying! Really! T.T And here.. one last picture of me just smiling =3

 photo BlackDoll4_zps44a598e1.jpg


So! That’s pretty much the extent of it. All in all.. you don’t see the details but that’s okay with me. It took me awhile to figure out she was a MAID LOLITA T.T I always thought she was just a lolita… >.>;;; I know… a little late to the party. But I guess the head piece never clicked in my head o.o Hope you like! Oh.. and here’s a reference picture if you are wondering what the details really look like~