AM2 overview~

Alright… so this might be a bit weird to put up… but my group is in the video! xD Just for a few seconds xD Look around 0:25 for a bit to see~ It’s a short clip but…. it’s a nice way to start off my posts on how AM2 went! Think of this as a little overview~ I’ll be putting details and pictures up tomorrow!!



3 thoughts on “AM2 overview~

  1. This is just sick just soooo sick i did laugh so hard^^ this guy and the crazy peoplexD. I wish i would be able to go there and do such things xD
    its fun i bet to do crazy stuff there xD

    • lol! It really is great~ I know… I’ll probably try to design him one later xD But he makes a really good Ash anyways xDD

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