Princess Sakura White Ballgown Photoshoot (ish)

We decided to do a very short (like an hour) photoshoot at a friend’s house for Sakura! Why? Because I want to put the cosplay away and let it retire in peace xD I need room for other dresses!!

(I apparently wrote this when I did the shoot and never uploaded it… sorry! This is just a tad few months late…)

 photo DSC_0140_zps81666b66.jpg

This is one of my favorite pictures where It’s just smelling the roses =3

 photo DSC_0189_zps972b2ccd.jpg

I’m not quite sure why but Hermsi (my photographer) likes this photo a lot.. I think it makes me look weird but it is really… what’s the word.. elegant?

 photo DSC_0163_zpsc1f12c19.jpg

Trying to act like a princess here… :D

 photo DSC_0186_zps9f8d2f4a.jpg

Just a kinda cutsy picture xD

Overall I’m glad we got some pictures of Sakura but I wish we had a nicer background and more time to prepare.. but it works!
So Sakura is officially retired at this point.. I’ll be reusing the white base of the dress for hopefully anything else at this point.


White Tsubasa Dress

I hope it doesn’t start to look like a wedding dress….


Introducing my next cosplay! Which is offically Sakura from Tsubasa~ This would be her Artbook Version but… I like it. I decided to start simple with the big ballgown~

I wouldn’t… necessarily call this a request but someone was able to sell me on the idea of making it xD But it really helps that I really loved reading Tsubasa (the same person also made me hooked to that)… either way… I like it =3

Look out for this cosplay ALA 12~? I think I’ll only be going one day and might not even have a pass… but that’s because I’d rather spend $40 on this cosplay than a pass and having to wear an old cosplay or one not as… fluffy? xD

<3 Another post up tomorrow~


White Miku — Contest Fin.

I finally… entered into the Joanns Prom Contest. I’m excited. Really.
I want to say “even if I don’t win, it’s okay” But I have thrown so much work and worry into this… I bet everyone around me has gotten sick of me talking about it.

I entered in today. It ends tomrrow xD Last minute? I know. I work best under pressure though!
It’s sad.. I wish I knew about this contest before… cause this is my first and last time I can enter in T.T I love entering contests… I just wish I always had the guts to do it.

And so I am going to continue on with my cosplay work as… it may not bring in money but I love it x3

Thanks for the support everyone~

So here’s some pictures of my Miku outfit! Not the same pictures I submitted in.. but close~



The first picture is… just a shot my sister got when the wind blew xD I thought it was cool~
Then the second pic is just a close up of the gloves.. purse.. and top beading I did. I’m very proud of it… took a VERY long time. I have to say I put more than 10 hours on this dress… Cause I know I worked on it through a couple movies… alot of Charmed shows. And when talking to friends… Then there was the few days before today that I worked on it the whole daaay.
So 10+ hours of work. +
Over $50 worth of supplies
= A Prom look complete.

Now lets see how this looks with a wig! x3