Sakura – clay molding


So here’s what it looks like now-ish. Before I hem the bottom and add lace. It looks.. okay… okay xD
We’ll see if it gets better…


I worked on the wand today. And seriously? I NEED to print of a pic next time. Cause the top part is too big and the stick is too skinny.
I forgot why I picked it.. >.<
And I super glued the star in the circle xD Not really noticeable from far away xD


Then Clay. O.m.g. Clay xD I hate it. Too… unstable. I got my sis to help but it still took a few hours >.<;;
And its not as good as I want it but… there is only so much I can do >.< If anything I just cut foam for the wings and be done with it xD

I’ll try to hold back using clay because its hard to get smooth and takes time to dry. And when it does, air drying it makes it brittle. Easier to break. So I’m not sure how reliable that is for cosplay work. Since who knows who’s gonna bump into you or knock the staff outta my hand. It’s not cool >.<
I need a friend to make props for me lol. So much easier! hehe.


Then just added lace to the white part. I haven’t seen how it looks while on me, I’m saving that till day of the con. A surprise for even myself xD
Good or bad? Man I hope its good.

Tomorrow I’m finishing up sewing, really almost done. like 90% done with sewing. And 50% done with props >.<
And haven’t even started on the wig! rawr.  >.<

Anyhow. 1 more day till ALA!

Sorry to disapoint anyone if they see me in this >.<;;