White Miku — Contest Fin.

I finally… entered into the Joanns Prom Contest. I’m excited. Really.
I want to say “even if I don’t win, it’s okay” But I have thrown so much work and worry into this… I bet everyone around me has gotten sick of me talking about it.

I entered in today. It ends tomrrow xD Last minute? I know. I work best under pressure though!
It’s sad.. I wish I knew about this contest before… cause this is my first and last time I can enter in T.T I love entering contests… I just wish I always had the guts to do it.

And so I am going to continue on with my cosplay work as… it may not bring in money but I love it x3

Thanks for the support everyone~

So here’s some pictures of my Miku outfit! Not the same pictures I submitted in.. but close~



The first picture is… just a shot my sister got when the wind blew xD I thought it was cool~
Then the second pic is just a close up of the gloves.. purse.. and top beading I did. I’m very proud of it… took a VERY long time. I have to say I put more than 10 hours on this dress… Cause I know I worked on it through a couple movies… alot of Charmed shows. And when talking to friends… Then there was the few days before today that I worked on it the whole daaay.
So 10+ hours of work. +
Over $50 worth of supplies
= A Prom look complete.

Now lets see how this looks with a wig! x3



White Miku pt. 2 (+contest rant)



Just a quick update on how my contest dress is coming out aka: White Miku.

So far I have the whole top base all nice and ready. I think the boning looks funny but hopefully I can put something on it to distract the eye a bit.
Since this is going to be for a contest, the pictures and my writing won’t be so much in detail as my other posts because… well I want to keep it as a sort of a surprise ^-^

Rereading the contest rules I… I’m pretty nervous. It says ‘workmanship’ as a grading criteria and… my work is.. decent. I don’t make it to sell so the flaws inside are very noticeable and I’m kind of worried.

Plus. It says that contestants are suppose to make it themselves but there are always those parents/grandparents that take advantage of it. I remember going to AX masquerade ball and the winner of it admitted that she did not sew all of it and that her relative did most of the work. It made me kind of… sad. That I’m trying to compete with people that have much more experience than me.
Now in the context of this contest, I see these girls, probably a bit younger than me, with their moms or whoever and they are picking out fabric. Okay.. more like the mom was picking fabric and the girl was nodding.

I get how these parents want the college money for their kids but.. its a sewing scholorship. The girls most likely did not sew it themselves. They were jsut there to pick out the fabric for their dress xD This is not true for all of the girls I saw most likely, so I know there is some fair competition out there.

Yesterday my mom saw me working on my dress and said I should get a pattern. I refused. why? Cause I think the patterns restrict the possibilities of the mind to expand with the fabric. Thus, I may reference patterns to see how to make a sleeve or something, but I will not directly use one. And I will stand firmly on that =]