DN Archer Outfit Progress! –Blue top

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I think it’s about time I went back to showing progress pictures and how I do some of my outfits :D Back in January I half debuted an Archer cosplay from the game Dragon Nest! Still alterations to be made but that doesn’t mean I can’t share the progress I did~ So first off here’s a reference picture!

Now the black dress underneath was quite simple. Just a normal sweetheart fitted top with some boning on the sides so it’ll keep shape and stay up. Then I took about… 3 circle skirts, sewed them together to make one huge line of circle skirt and attached that on! To create a more distinguished “poof” I decided to add horsehair on the edge and that made walking around SUPER fun! (like every step the skirt would jump up and little in response xD) So this skirt I didn’t need to have a petticoat underneath but I think I would want one if I decide to have it bouncier xP

Archer PRogress 1Back to making my own patterns! Always a lot of trial and error with this process and I’m sad that I didn’t have more time with it. But I think it turned out well… I just tried to picture the top as a cross between a vest and a halter top.

Archer PRogress 2This was the fun part =3 I got satin ribbon but it was really shiny… I didn’t like that. So I attached it… was not happy still… so I painted it the same color as my bow! It turned out pretty well as the paint hardened (regular acrylic paint) so not only did I have a nice matte color but it also hardened into place so it wouldn’t move. Worked out better than expected~ You can see the fit wasn’t right so there is an unironed seam in the middle of the front sides. (please make sure to iron seams!) Afterwards I just got bias tape from the store and sewed that on! (I’ve been so lazy to make my own bias tape…)

Do you see a slight flip in front on the right picture? That’s with interfacing! ¬†Unfortunately that was with medium interfacing and that part needed a heavier kind or to double up on medium. Make sure to use the right kind and amount of interfacing with projects!

Archer PRogress3


paint paint paint! In hindsight I would’ve used regular white paint but I used fabric paint. … doesn’t have much of a difference to it in this case xD I always love free handing the designs but I think at one point is was off… in which case I would recommend putting some markings to make sure its even xD

More updates on the bow I made to match it! And the interesting way of doing a lace-up boot from fabric!




Mikoto Progress!

Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker by 5pb!


 photo DSCN2917_zps006956b6.jpg
 photo DSCN2918_zpsfeab4845.jpg
 photo DSCN2920_zpsa1385e33.jpg

Basically the front and side panels! I’m trying something really… different for this outfit. So I drafted up a pattern but I wanted the seams to be in different places so it took some thinking… you can kinda see how I ended up doing it too! Some flaws in it was that I still had to make a side seam to make it fit nicely. And Don’t use a interfacing that doesn’t bend nicely >.< I totally got the wrong interfacing and had to use it anyways!

Anime Expo is less than a week away!! I’m so excited because I’ll be performing a new role this time around and get to see what it feels like to be stuck in a booth for a few hours a day! I’m excited but nervous at the same time… what if I just stand there and no attention is directed towards me?! I’m in all black and I feel as though I’ll just blend in!! T.T (I originally picked her cause I thought she was tinted purple… T.T)

As usual… I’ll be posting again later with more progress! But it seems as though I’ve taken a liking to my facebook page =3


Some progress…

Ah! I know I haven’t updated in the LONGEST time >.< I honestly don’t have much to update on… until now! Summer is coming around and there are many events~ I’ll be attending Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend for the first time =3 I won’t be in cosplay though >.< I’m planning on going on a Saturday and rushing home from the con to go to another thing will be a hassle. Some of my friends say to dress up, the others say don’t xD But I think it’ll stress me out less if I don’t~

I also have been working on Asuna on and off… latest thing I finish was her middle piece:
 photo DSCN2696_zps46c137cd.jpg

This is actually 4 layers of fabric because both the red and white are flipped inside out~ A bit tricky to get them to match up exactly but it worked out in the end~ Very clean right? I love it <3

I have a sakura photoshoot in the planning~ Me and Hermsi are currently looking around for a good place to shoot it. We are thinking… pink trees! That or somewhere with pretty glass…. but we have yet to find the perfect spot! My time is running out though…. I want to shoot it in the spring!

I’ll try to update more often~ Next update should feature how I made an Semi A-line but half circle skirt! Sorry for the lack of better words xD