Making a difficult cosplay pattern

For Anime Expo I decided to go outside my comfort zone a little and have a cosplay that’s a little more revealing. So I made Diao Chan from Dynasty Warriors 7! Since I have already done Xiao Qiao, I thought I would branch out to another character~

During this more challenging cosplay I had to make an open back for the dress. At first I tried using a pattern I thought would work in my head, it was quite straightforward. But without some major alterations it wasn’t worth keeping, so I used this method to find a better pattern for a better fit! (and let’s face it… where am I going to find this in a commercial pattern?)
Quick Pattern Making Guide

I decided to put this little example of how I made part of my Diao Chan dress together~ It’s just a guide/example/tutorial that I hope can help someone out if they are looking to make something you can’t easily modify from a pattern.


Mikoto Progress!

Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker by 5pb!


 photo DSCN2917_zps006956b6.jpg
 photo DSCN2918_zpsfeab4845.jpg
 photo DSCN2920_zpsa1385e33.jpg

Basically the front and side panels! I’m trying something really… different for this outfit. So I drafted up a pattern but I wanted the seams to be in different places so it took some thinking… you can kinda see how I ended up doing it too! Some flaws in it was that I still had to make a side seam to make it fit nicely. And Don’t use a interfacing that doesn’t bend nicely >.< I totally got the wrong interfacing and had to use it anyways!

Anime Expo is less than a week away!! I’m so excited because I’ll be performing a new role this time around and get to see what it feels like to be stuck in a booth for a few hours a day! I’m excited but nervous at the same time… what if I just stand there and no attention is directed towards me?! I’m in all black and I feel as though I’ll just blend in!! T.T (I originally picked her cause I thought she was tinted purple… T.T)

As usual… I’ll be posting again later with more progress! But it seems as though I’ve taken a liking to my facebook page =3


Anatomy of a .. Sleeve?

I’m back!! Kind of…


Wow I’m not even sure if that is even…. readable! I’ll do a scanned version if I get complaints >.>

So I decided to do this small I guess… not tutorial… info sheet. I did it during my classes in between equations and writing but after about 3 days I finished it! It’s basically everything I learned about sleeves through practice and trial-error methods. I hope it gives some insight to sleeves… and this is the only way I know how to do them, for now though.

And these are also girl sleeves.. so I don’t know it if goes the same for men patterns. Sleeves used to be a real challenge for me but now it’s… bearable. Remeber: Practice!!

(right-click -> View image, to see it bigger, hope it gives some info to people!)

I’ll also be back to cosplay things…. next month. It is Halloween month afterall =3