Anime Expo Day 3

A good bulk of my photos are from here… go figure xD I spent the morning as Mikoto (which I was actually late to) and the rest of the day as Asuna! This day was actually the last day for booth promoting which I was kind of sad about as the time flew by super quick! I tried to stay longer around the booth but hunger and errands got to me so I had to run off >.< (Although after that I tried to come back as much as I could to pester xP) So here’s a picture of me in Mikoto with Ajka! The awesome table partner we had last year, she cosplayed for meeee!! <3
 photo DSC_0003_zpsa80984b7.jpg

It’s so awesome =3 Thank you for stopping by the booth as well!!
Now onto more picturess…

 photo DSC_0010_zpsee518834.jpg

The awesome girls at the Phantom Breaker Booth!! xP

 photo DSC_0064_zpseec9ff83.jpg

This Lulu was SO adorable!! I just had to get a picture with her… although I think she doesn’t like me very much >.< xDD Props on being Lulu!!! =3

 photo DSC_0065_zpsf1ab72ef.jpg

I didn’t see very many Dynasty Warriors cosplays so I’m glad we got to briefly see this girl who is Diao Chan from the… 7th one I believe? (So many numbers, gets confusing)

 photo DSC_0082_zps26423fa6.jpg

Not sure where she is from but the details on her Kimono are amazzziinnggg. It’s so colorful and pretty ^^If anyone knows where this is from, I’d love to know!

 photo DSC_0087_zpsb9546fe6.jpg

These two I think cosplay a lot cause I swear I’ve seen them around a lot… they seem to do really nice cosplays though! =3 Still not sure where they are from but it looks really pretty ^^

 photo DSC_0094_zpsf7839c89.jpg

Odin Sphere! Always such a pretty blue =3 It’s cool to see a guy next to her for once xD

 photo DSC_0103_zps81b5c36c.jpg

This girlie was awesome cause when I came up to ask for a picture she did this pose instead of the normal pose I saw her do xD I have to say… this is pretty cool =3 Really love it ^^

 photo DSC_0107_zps450aaa0d.jpg

HEhe. I made Hermsi take a picture with the bunny girl from Mondaji =3 (I totally want a group for that btw XP)

 photo DSC_0109_zps5a78e5b4.jpgAnd THIS girlie was awesomely cute. (may have a little girl crush on her) It was just very clean and she was alone standing there a lot which made her look more like a ninja and I wanted to talk to her so badly!! (fangirling) Sorry.

 photo DSC_0117_zps0a1b96a0.jpg

Can’t forget the league cosplayers =3 I have more like Malzahar which looked pretty sexy, a Lulu that was SUPER adorable as well, and a Jax with creepy eyes xD

Seems like a good place to end this post =3 Once again here’s the link to the full photobucket album
Password: Cosplay


Anime Expo Day 1

Yes! Here comes the picture picture pictures!!!

Although… it’s sad that this day I didn’t get a lot of pictures…. I don’t expect much from Day 1. But I did hear that there were some really nice ones regardless! I had to do some booth work so that was 3 hours of con dedicated to that alone. What I did find out is that promoting at a booth goes by quicker as people come and really talk to you =3

Anyways! For this post I can put all the pictures up here =3 So enjoy~

 photo DSC_0003_zps0105c383.jpg

First I gotta show off the two cosplays I made for others this year =3 Kirito and a Jedi outfits!! Really trying to work on guy proportions xD
 photo DSC_0004_zps6c158598.jpg

Not sure where she was from but… I thought she was adorable xD And the cosplay is very clean~
 photo DSC_0007_zpsbd07ad0d.jpg

Cloud being.. CLOUD! now THAT is adorable~
 photo DSC_0008_zps048640e7.jpg

Magi! Although I haven’t watched much of the anime… she just looks really awesome xD
 photo DSC_0011_zps5dad9ed6.jpg

Syndra from League of Legends! We had such a fun time looking for League cosplayers this year =3

 photo DSC_0017_zpsa9b16bf4.jpg

A super cool Aang and Azula! I’d… ship that >.>

And honestly.. that’s my arsenal of pictures for Day 1! I know.. it’s sorta sad.. but the next days are better =3 really!!

As a side note: Went to Nerd courting this day! Wasn’t the greatest >.> Fell asleep… T.T Crazy turnout for Day 1… annnd… Registration line I heard was crazy!! Luckily didn’t have to go through it =3