PMX 2014 update!

Hello~!! I spent a few hours at Pacific Media Expo this year with my friend Kasuki~ It’s been 5 years since I’ve last gone to a PMX o.o And back then it used to be just us two! So this trip was quite reminiscent of that time…


I decided to wear the steampunk/ clockwork lolita I was making just to test out some new techniques. It turned out quite well but not quite finished. I did buy a wig for it but it was just so hot in it already I didn’t feel like dying in a wig xD (plus I had dinner with some friends afterwards and wig hair isn’t very pleasant).

So while I was there for a few hours, just on Day 1 as that’s all I really had time (and a ticket) for. I still had a wonderful time talking to a lot of the artists and random cosplayers I happen to pass by and ask for pictures! :D I actually wanted to take a lot more pictures but I would see a cosplayer on the bottom floor while I was on the top T.T It just didn’t work out I guess.

I also apologize for the quality… normally these pictures are taken by Hermsi and his DSLR but… since he wasn’t there my old point and shoot digital camera that’s a few years old had to suffice xD But here’s a few pictures I did manage to take!


These two were SO adorable! They’re the shopkeeper from Animal Crossings! I may have squealed a little as I saw them pass by xD


Now these guys… they took a second to recognize o.o They’re league champions in sleek suit and tie apparel! But their weapons are engraved into my memory and how can you not know that’s Jax with that hood? XDD But to be honest I recognized Lux first!


BUG CATCHERS! OMG that CATERPIE! <3 I thought this was SO adorable~


… like I said.. I apologize for the photos… >.> Especially for my non-photographer friend xD So this one turned out a little bit blurry but… yea. xD This just was adorable~

And honestly anything else that was taken was such bad quality because of lighting or just plain blurriness I don’t think it’s worth putting up T.T Makes me a little sad but next year I’m planning on making a bigger appearance so … yea! More pictures of my clockwork lolita soon!



Anime Expo Day 2 Photos

Day 2 came along as waking up at 8 sucked. Sleeping at like 2-3 ish sucked more. xD Anyhow. Who knew that day 2 would be so crowded!! I should’ve worn AB instead.. oh well!!
I wore Tomoyo-Hime as Hea went as Zelda again~ some pictures? sure!!
Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

I kinda squealed at seeing auron too >.> And of course since I’m from the same series… one with Sakura!

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Me and my friendsss~ I felt so.. TALL. (Yay for 5 inch heels~) And I’m kind of jealous the Fai had a bigger Mokana than me.. >.> xD (But man does my headress look… crooked!)
Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Yea that’s right. I was trying to steal Sakura’s man, I’m JK~ I wished I could’ve went to the clamp gathering T.T But on the bright side, I was SO glad to find a victorique!!! <3 She was so short too!! Hehe.
Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Both these above me were wonderful cosplays. I love how the Odin Sphere one makes my headdress so epic. While the Madoka Magica Character, she has a very clean cosplay, I was impressed. (THere were so many around!!)

Okay from here on out I’ll give you links to the pictures! Feel free to click around~
Soul Eater Group with Zelda
Cookie Monster!!
Sengoku Warriors (?)
Furries! (Not sure from where..)
Blue Exorcist!!
Howl’s Moving Castle!
Zelda, Link, Small Link
Porco Russo
Shiro from Deadman
Final Fantasy girls o.o
YRP (Yuna, Rikku, Paine)
Midna and Zelda
Zelda Gathering 1
Zelda Gathering 2

Alrighty. That’s the gist of it (Lots more pictures but… meh.) Day 2 end. Thanks to everyone who let me take pictures with them!
( Once again, you can right click and save or shoot me an email/comment to get the full picture)


AX 2011 Day 1 photos

Every year at AX I try to take many photos with cosplayers as I can! Mostly the ones that I like. This year Kimikotan Cosplay became a group~ (ish)
Therefore there isn’t just me spamming the pictures xD
I went as Eevee from Pokemon (Hermsi designed it last minute)
HeaHea is the lovely Zelda in the pictures~
And Eevee belongs to Ash which is Hermsi!
So let the pictures begin =3

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

It’s fitting no? Zelda to go towards Zeldas xD

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Somehow Zelda found another group to photobomb xD While I did too with other Pokemon!

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Yay Avatar cosplays that are better than the MOVIE lol!! And the cosplayer portrays Yuna well~ (Sorry for the blinking picture >.<)

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

This No Face was awesome~ And the character to the right.. I’m not sure where they are from o.o but they were awesome and I’ve seen a lot of cosplays from that series/game. (I tried getting pics with them but they kept being bombarded T.T)


I think my friends think I’m absolutely crazy xD See this picture? I saw these guys a couple times but nevergot a picture with him cause… I dunno o.o I went COMPLETELY squeally when I saw them walking towards where I was standing. So this was the awkward picture result xDD Sorry to the two if you were freaked out >.>;;


Sorry Day 1 pictures are kinda sparse. I was only in the south hall taking pictures for a little bit then had things to do >.< Every year I say I’ll get a lot of pictures but it seems like the same amount!!

**If you want to see the pictures bigger or save them, right click the image then click “view image”. That should work out~ If not feel free to email me through the side link