Anime LA Day 1 Report

This year I finally went to Anime LA (aka ALA) on a Friday!
Usually I just skip the first day because I have school… or no ride… etc etc. Excuses excuses right?
Cosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,Cardcaptors

I started off ALA with Sakura from Card Captors! finally finished and as you can see the finished project!
(And you can see me with Smiley Pine Tree and a Letter Bee cosplayer up above x3)

One thing that I used to do before when I wasn’t cosplaying was taking pictures with cosplayers. It was a little competition I had with my brother to see who got the most. Of course it varied. Just depends if you can get to a person in time and if I have the nerve to ask them.
Well now I have no problem… cause being a cosplayers, I know that we love to have our pictures taken~
Therefore I took some pics with other cosplayers~ Just a few here and there. My photographer Erukii takes most of the pics shown here. And unless otherwise stated are basically his xD

Cosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,Cardcaptors

I honestly didn’t know I stood out so much in a cutesy kind of way. I am always surprised on how I look like with the finished project because I don’t look in the mirror before I leave nor try it all out at once beforehand (which I highly recommend doing because I have encountered numerous problems that caused such a headache throughout the con. Luckily ALA has a costume repair space!! <3)

One thing that I am doing now is putting on some faux eyelashes… fake eyelashes. They really… give an extra sometihng to bring out the brightness of the eyes. But should only be used on sepcific cosplays… but that’s just sometihng I’ve noticed?

Today I actually does not have that many people around because it is a Friday. So Hopefuly day 2 is more fun filled with pictures!!
But here are the ones I did get with other people ^-^;;

Cosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,Cardcaptors

Cosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,CardcaptorsCosplay,ALA 10',Pictures,Sakura,Cardcaptors

Thanks again for Erukii for taking these pics. As well as the cosplayers here for letting me have a pic with them! I just choose who to takes pics with randomly most the time.. or if they match me xD But those are all the pics I took with other cosplays for today! They were awesome <3

Edit: If I know who the cosplayer int he pic is I linked it to their site/DA~ Feel free to click around and see their awesome cosplays!


Sakura – clay molding


So here’s what it looks like now-ish. Before I hem the bottom and add lace. It looks.. okay… okay xD
We’ll see if it gets better…


I worked on the wand today. And seriously? I NEED to print of a pic next time. Cause the top part is too big and the stick is too skinny.
I forgot why I picked it.. >.<
And I super glued the star in the circle xD Not really noticeable from far away xD


Then Clay. O.m.g. Clay xD I hate it. Too… unstable. I got my sis to help but it still took a few hours >.<;;
And its not as good as I want it but… there is only so much I can do >.< If anything I just cut foam for the wings and be done with it xD

I’ll try to hold back using clay because its hard to get smooth and takes time to dry. And when it does, air drying it makes it brittle. Easier to break. So I’m not sure how reliable that is for cosplay work. Since who knows who’s gonna bump into you or knock the staff outta my hand. It’s not cool >.<
I need a friend to make props for me lol. So much easier! hehe.


Then just added lace to the white part. I haven’t seen how it looks while on me, I’m saving that till day of the con. A surprise for even myself xD
Good or bad? Man I hope its good.

Tomorrow I’m finishing up sewing, really almost done. like 90% done with sewing. And 50% done with props >.<
And haven’t even started on the wig! rawr.  >.<

Anyhow. 1 more day till ALA!

Sorry to disapoint anyone if they see me in this >.<;;