Sakura’s Top Progress

I haven’t done one of these in awhile~ So thought I would fill you in on some little cosplay progress I’ve been up to. (For Tsubasa’s Sakura artbook gown)

This is what I have currently done for the base. It’s just a normal strapless white top that has full lining on the inside and a zipper enclosure with a hook & Eye in the back~ It took me quite long to do because I had to make it fitting. I actually used a pattern for this (slightly) just so I could get the point at the bottom perfect~ Here… I’ll get into the process a bit more.


All the many peices that was pretty hard to keep track of at once point. It’s because this top part is made up of 14 pieces… I honestly wanted to put in 2 more but.. uh. I was just so tired at that point.


The pieces were able to stay in position with the help of my mannequin~ Love it, but hate it. I used my serger to sew most of the edges together to get a really clean crisp cut. Especially with fabric that frays quite easily. The outer fabric was a thick cotton and the inside I just used really thin cotton (suppose to use regular polyester lining but I didn’t have any on hand). Easiest way for me to make this was by cutting out about 4 pieces of each part of the pattern (minus the from part, that was only 2) and then put together the puzzle.

I wish I took more pictures but.. I didn’t >.< It was just a lot of hours put into it (a full weekend to finish it) so taking pictures was not on my mind.

I also finished with the outer skirt (another layer) it looks really nice~ All that is left is to attach it all and work on the cape!!