ALA 14′ Lineup! (9 days!!)

Hello everyone!!! (slightly caffeinated still… bear with me) …

Anime Los Angeles is coming up in about 9 days~ I’m super excited but I’m also (more so than other years) very unprepared so far… I was actually debating on not finishing my Dragon Nest Archer Cosplay but… a few days passed and I don’t think I would be proud of myself if I put it off for another convention. So I decided to suck it up and just try my best, even if I have to makeshift some parts. So I’ve been working frantically in between posting, taxes, and family ordeals. It’s been quite difficult but then again… once I finish it all it’ll definitely be worth it~

Alright so here’s this year’s line up! It’s a 3 day con so I think 2 costumes plus manning a table is plenty for my plate xD

ala 2014 lineup

So the Dragon Nest Archer is gonna be awesome but also quite chilly to be in xD And no. I don’t think I can produce that much cleavage… xDD Well… I could but I tried it and I don’t like it… >.< It’s not very …me. And Asuna with a slight re-make from Anime Expo! I’m thinking…

Friday: DN Archer
Saturday: Asuna Arch Bishop
Sunday: DN Archer

So as I’ve mentioned, I have a table this year in the artist alley! They finally gave us our spots so I’m located in 6a (right next to 6b which happens to be the awesome Tirramisu who was our table buddy last year~) So it’s going to be really awesome just with that =3 Anyways…. here’s a map!

ALA Table SeatingSee the entrance? Yea just walk straight and look to your left xP Come say hi to us!! I might not have a lot in stock but… I’ll try ^^;; Looks like a lot more bows/pouches versus ears like years before… and hopefully in the next years I’ll get some fashion items and more cosplay accessories!!

Alright… time to cut it short here xD Back to working… which oddly enough hasn’t felt sweat-shop-like lately o.o


PS HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m taking the year day by day and just making sure I am happy and productive each day =3 (minus my vacation days xP)

Anime LA 2013

ALA 2013


Anime Los Angeles 2013 was awesome. I was technically the artist assistant to our shared booth for the weekend~ Let’s see… where do I start off…

Well the booth and selling itself went better than our first experience where we both wanted to just quit. But it’s a learning process for us and we’re constantly trying to improve. One thing we did learn was to not procrastinate so we are both starting on many things right away. Hopefully school and graduation won’t get in the way but… I want to see how much I can do before my time at this university is up.

The con itself was fun. I attended the starlight ball where I was so frazzeled before betting up on stage. It was really … a daze. I remember just running out there and running back >.< Reminds me of my “model walk” day. xD Don’t ask~ Anyways the girl who got princess I think should have won. And the girl who did win… well… I wasn’t very impressed with even after seeing it up close. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have won… I just was not sure what the judges were really basing awards on. (sorry for the rant..)

People were also pretty nice to us at the artist table. We made friends with both our neighbors =3 Super cool people. They make me want to do more artist alley tables even without making a profit (but I can’t afford to not break even xD) I found my bows are popular~ I’m still debating on making the price a tad bit higher but… I figured since I love them so much I’ll keep it relatively the same =3 I’d rather keep them cheaper and share them than make them expensive. I want it so even little kids can buy them =3 They’re cute!

No pictures of Jolteon though T.T It didn’t turn out at any way how I wanted it to and it was a mistake on my part to try to rush such a process. I’m disappointed in myself but to make up for it I’m promising myself to never do such a thing again and only work on big projects if I’m going to even put time out.

Anyways. That’s my badge. Some buttons I got with commissioning a girl. And the bow with bells I refused to sell even though Gee thought I should xD But it’s probably the first butterfly bow I made and it’s special to me~ It also rings when I walked =3 I put it on my badge~

Sorry, no pictures with cosplayers this time around! I was too busy >.< AX though!


ALA is part of the New Year~

ALA 2013 starts on the 4th of the New Year! And the Gee-ki crew will be there somewhat near the front too! So come check us out…  or just our merchandise xDDD We’ll be bunking next to ~Tirramisu who is pretty awesome~


If I remember the entrance correctly… the front where you CAN enter will be on the left double doors. First time participating in this so it should be fun ^^ Kind of sucks that there is only one chair though… so it looks like me and Hermsi will have to split up the shifts and what not. >.<

What I’m looking forward to the most this con is being able to meet fellow cosplayers and hopefully learning some tips and tricks =3 I also found out about the starlight ball and it looks so fun! I LOVE balls~! So that is what drastically changed my cosplay line-up which is:

Day 1: Tsubasa Sakura White Artbook Gown

Day 2: Jolteon Gijinka (original design in collaboration with Hermsi)
((Sorry no reference picture… look out for a yellow blob though!))

Day 3: Casual? xD Or more Jolteon~

And that’s it ^^ No time for staff making though… I have 16 headbands to make for the con.. I’m so behind!!

Oh and my cosplay goal for the new year? To work up the nerve to compete with my cosplays.