First commission done!

Yes. As you know I did take on a commission near the beginning of.. last month? maybe this month.. I can’t keep track of time xDD
But I sent it out earlier this week but before I did, I had time to take some really quick pictures of it!

That’s some of Sakura’s  outfit. I love the color I got for the skirt part! It’s like a dusty pink-ish. I like it. It costed $10 a yard!! IT better be good >.>

This is the 4th Hokage’s ending. The pockets… gave me so much trouble! But I think it turned out decently in the end.

I’m really glad I was given a chance to do this commission because I know NOT to procrastinate and I found out so many new techniques and all!! I may be taking on more commission soon now. I just hope the girl and her brother likes it… T.T I really do hope they do..
I know my brother wanted to keep the cape xD It was really fun to wear~

Oh, and the packaging~ I didnt have clear wrap! So I had to use like the white table cloth kind >.<

(Look you can see coins and my sewing stuff everywhere!! Lol!!  And no, Algebra 1 is not mine xD)

But. Both of those for $100. + $25 for international shipping! Not much extra in there for me but.. eh… its okay.

Time for some cosplay time to myself. I’m planning on a shoot … not this week but next week for fun~


Hokage cape flames =D


Alrighty this is a little post on how awesome having such a talented partner is crime is =3
To the left is just red fabric where, you can’t see but, Gee (Herms?) Sketched out the flames with pencil. And I have to say… trying to draw on fabric that is not very stable is hard, so I’m glad even without some chalk it still worked out fine. To the right is the finished product cutting it all out.
Now remember, I’m cheap and this is 100% cotton so it frays o.o Sooo… I bought fray check and every edge there is lined with it so it looks clean! And I believe it does =D This took about a total of 2 hours fray checking and cutting out. Of course I was also doing it while watching tv =3


Now to the right is you can see some of it being glued on! I’m using fabric glue which is.. pretty pernament o.o I really like it because .. it’s durable and clean looking~ (aka no steams for this sort of project) This is my first time trying anything like this and I have to say it’s very time consuming o.o but I love the finished product in the end~ Which is to the right. The purple at the bottom is the inside of the coat xD

Better pictures will be up when I finish both commissions completely! But for now.. I’m pretty glad with the new technique I did~ About time right? I like it, a bit costly… but in the end it was worth it =D I am no longer afraid of flames!! (But I still suck at drawing them!!! Hence why Gee drew them =3)

Yes. By monday this will be completely done and I’ll be finishing Lenne next week and hopefully get a mini shoot somewhere~