Good Bye 2013~



Another cosplay year has gone by… and once again the collages come up to see what a whole year’s work looks like!

*waits… waits more*

Ahhhh I’m so embarrassed >.< I barely did any sewing work this year and I’ve felt it this whole year. It’s been hard though…  a lot of real life stuff pops up and makes my sewing skills rusty (at one point I forgot what my serger dials did…and what way on the sewing machine made the thread loop longer) So I admit putting together this compile was difficult… but I was glad to see that I had some something. xD

Oh! Did anyone notice I finally put together a cosplay timeline and a portfolio on the sidebar? It’s pretty much done too! The timeline was particularly hard to put together especially since I try to remember stuff from 5 years ago >.<;;

So yes. I’m particularly proud of certain works this year. Primarily Asuna & Kirito! I really love the skirts I made for fun as they started to open another path for me… and the bow you see there (unfinished though) is the first prop I’m fully making by myself ^^ The Jedi costume was a commission that turned out quite awesome for my friend and Mikoto was a great cosplay that led me to see another side of cons and booths! So I didn’t do such big projects like some of my other friends but… I did a lot this year. and I’m proud of it all~

I have big plans for 2014.. I can’t wait to take everyday by surprise!

So good-bye 2013, you won’t be missed — but you’ll be remembered


Anime Expo Day 4

Sword Art Online girls are awesome =3

 photo DSC_0351_zpsf3bfb22d.jpg

Yes there is sorta a story to this. Jasmine (Asuna on the right) is super friendly and nice and always tried to make friends with other SAO cosplayers… but other Asunas and Kiritos tended to glare instead of smile and wave. I’m not sure what it is but…. unlike other series where you run to people who are part of it… for SAO it wasn’t the same. I was confused but I could kinda see why at the same time (SO MANY OF US!) But somehow we made friends with our look-alikes and found a cute little Silica on Day 4! We also have a few pictures with other SAO people (trying to make friends T.T) but some of them just look awkward >.>

Anyways. It’s me on the left, Katee as Silica, Heather as Lizbeth, and Jasmine as Asuna on the right =3 It was a great team cause we got a lot of pictures today o.o Why? Probably cause there were no guys =P Sorry Kiritos.. you guys were just everywhere…

But yes. onto some pictures from Day 4!! Which honestly had more cospalys than expected….

 photo DSC_0430_zpsf2723256.jpg

AHHH We were SO happy we were able to get this picture (we also apologize to the Ed and Al who seemed like they were in a rush and the Al suffering from being in that metal suit… we cause more pictures. sorry.) But really, super awesome cosplays =3 Can’t believe they were in the masquerade, it was SUPER awesome. I really want to do a FMA x SAO mash now…. >.>;; Can you say fight scene? =3

 photo DSC_0316_zps7f90558b.jpg

Oddly enough.. probably the best cosplay of her I’ve seen. The name escapes me but… It’s really nicely done. =3

 photo DSC_0334_zps9a080124.jpg

Inori Cosplay =3 There were quite a few but I thought I’d take a picture of one when I got the chance =3

 photo DSC_0345_zps739531d2.jpg

Not sure where she’s from either but… It looks really nice! I know when to appreciate good looking work =3

 photo DSC_0378_zps902c7e2b.jpg

Isn’t this what anime is all about? Seemingly innocent school looking girls with mecha weapons =3 Yea. That’s it. xDD

 photo DSC_0434_zps3793bcd8.jpg

A really nice Irelia from League of Legends! Look at her weapon.. LOOK AT IT! How nice does that look?!

Gonna keep the picture post shorter since I didn’t that that many anyways. Once again, Full album here! Password: Cosplay


Overall I think Anime Expo 2013 was a real success. I loved the extra things they put in especially fan-made panels so it filled the whole schedule nicely. As well as the cosplay photoshoot area which I loved playing around in for photos! I hope that catches on with other cons cause that alone will definitely bring cosplayers back =3 (at least until it gets so massive the crowds deter people….)

I also saw the masquerade this year on youtube and it was 10x better than the past few years just from the looks of skit quality and costumes. But I have to ask… was the theme this year talent? SEems like people loved to dance and show off xP It’s fine of course… it just had a different vibe from past years.

I WISH I saw Alodia.. T.T I missed her!! She’s really such a good cosplayer… I do wish I could be like her (have you seen her closet?!?)

Anyways. That’s it for my AX 13 experience. Maybe next year I’ll see AX from another side (artist alley? More Promotion jobs? Possibly staff member? Who knows~)


Anime Expo Day 3

A good bulk of my photos are from here… go figure xD I spent the morning as Mikoto (which I was actually late to) and the rest of the day as Asuna! This day was actually the last day for booth promoting which I was kind of sad about as the time flew by super quick! I tried to stay longer around the booth but hunger and errands got to me so I had to run off >.< (Although after that I tried to come back as much as I could to pester xP) So here’s a picture of me in Mikoto with Ajka! The awesome table partner we had last year, she cosplayed for meeee!! <3
 photo DSC_0003_zpsa80984b7.jpg

It’s so awesome =3 Thank you for stopping by the booth as well!!
Now onto more picturess…

 photo DSC_0010_zpsee518834.jpg

The awesome girls at the Phantom Breaker Booth!! xP

 photo DSC_0064_zpseec9ff83.jpg

This Lulu was SO adorable!! I just had to get a picture with her… although I think she doesn’t like me very much >.< xDD Props on being Lulu!!! =3

 photo DSC_0065_zpsf1ab72ef.jpg

I didn’t see very many Dynasty Warriors cosplays so I’m glad we got to briefly see this girl who is Diao Chan from the… 7th one I believe? (So many numbers, gets confusing)

 photo DSC_0082_zps26423fa6.jpg

Not sure where she is from but the details on her Kimono are amazzziinnggg. It’s so colorful and pretty ^^If anyone knows where this is from, I’d love to know!

 photo DSC_0087_zpsb9546fe6.jpg

These two I think cosplay a lot cause I swear I’ve seen them around a lot… they seem to do really nice cosplays though! =3 Still not sure where they are from but it looks really pretty ^^

 photo DSC_0094_zpsf7839c89.jpg

Odin Sphere! Always such a pretty blue =3 It’s cool to see a guy next to her for once xD

 photo DSC_0103_zps81b5c36c.jpg

This girlie was awesome cause when I came up to ask for a picture she did this pose instead of the normal pose I saw her do xD I have to say… this is pretty cool =3 Really love it ^^

 photo DSC_0107_zps450aaa0d.jpg

HEhe. I made Hermsi take a picture with the bunny girl from Mondaji =3 (I totally want a group for that btw XP)

 photo DSC_0109_zps5a78e5b4.jpgAnd THIS girlie was awesomely cute. (may have a little girl crush on her) It was just very clean and she was alone standing there a lot which made her look more like a ninja and I wanted to talk to her so badly!! (fangirling) Sorry.

 photo DSC_0117_zps0a1b96a0.jpg

Can’t forget the league cosplayers =3 I have more like Malzahar which looked pretty sexy, a Lulu that was SUPER adorable as well, and a Jax with creepy eyes xD

Seems like a good place to end this post =3 Once again here’s the link to the full photobucket album
Password: Cosplay