Anime LA 2014 days~

ALA was SUPER fun this year =3 I mean like… it was one of the best I’ve had. But I guess that just shows how well it’s been growing through the years :]
 photo DSC_0127_zpsaae40e13.jpg

So I’ll start this post off with a good old fashion picture of myself xD I brought back out my Arch Bishop from Ragnarok Online! It’s the same cosplay on the back of my business card so I thought I would make it my official go-to table outfit~ It’s pretty comfy too! I got ALOT more ribbons this year! This picture was taken sometime on the 2nd day so it doesn’t show all my ribbons :[ But I ended up getting another Hall Cosplay Award Ribbon! (It’s okay to get more than one right? It was for 2 different cosplays anyways… xD) And also a “Beater” ribbon for my participation in a quidditch squad xP Anyways. Let me continue xD

We thought since we both had weapons… why not fight?! Unfortunately… my bow wasn’t in working status sooo (I lost that fight…) But honestly… how was I gonna beat a Kirito!?

 photo DSC_0227_zps64786bcc.jpg

I also debuted my Archer cosplay from Dragon Nest! Although the sad part? The pictures of my archer cosplay was taken on the 3rd day when I didn’t have all the pieces T.T So I’m missing my boots and arm warmers in the pictures…. But I figured I’d share the pictures anyways xD

 photo DSC_0203_zpsc652b099.jpg

The one decent picture! I’m still sad about the arm warmers… :/ I’m having pretty much most of the cosplay re-done before my next convention pops up! Oh and then I also have a nice close-up of ragnarok (and another on my facebook page  if you haven’t seen that yet :])

 photo DSC_0145_zps17b242c8.jpg

It’s funny cause Hermsi (who is the photographer is ALL these pictures) was actually being a creeper behind a curtain and the shot turned out nice…. who knew. But he hated taking pictures at that location, the lighting was terrible xD

Anyways! I met some really cool new people and said hi to some friends here and there~ A lot of really cool cosplays too! I was quite impressed. So first off is the Lizbeth of our group~ I love this picture cause we look straight while the background looks like it’s slanted… weird huh?

 photo DSC_0179_zps3d135608.jpg

We made friends with other artists which was so adorable! They make cute little hats which are to die for xP She also ended up buying a bow which she is wearing~ (You can tell my the pink that doesn’t completely match her outfit xD But it’s so adorable)

 photo DSC_0172_zps5bb0a970.jpg

Okay now here’s something I envy SO much! This cosplayer was amazing~ It’s mainly on how she made this cosplay. I love the creativity in it as she actually used patterened fabric or lace to enhance the look of the cosplay versus just having flat colors and fabric. I thought it looked really nice so I just had to get a picture with her =3 (btw you’ll also see in the next post why I loved this cosplay!)

 photo DSC_0167_zps2158eea0.jpg

The name of the cosplay escapes me but…. it looked really nice in person. It was also funny cause we both saw each other and spazzed xDD So she got a picture of me while I got a picture of her and it was so fun xD

 photo DSC_0149_zps54808790.jpg

You know what’s also fun? When my hair catches the wind and I look this a cover girl xDDDDD

 photo DSC_0152_zps172ab7f6.jpg

Okay I think anymore pictures and it’s gonna be hard to load my page xD So I’ll continue with text and links~

I found my friend Tarei who was so adorable~ (and short!! XD)
A Tetra cosplayer who Hermsi spazzed over… She looks really nice though!
How could I not take a picture of a Dynasty Warriors group?!
Pokemon trainer cosplayers! Ah… I just had to take a picture~ I love seeing kids get into cosplaying
And um… me failing on pretending to blend in with the mannequins…

Alright that’s the extent of my 3 days. I love having a table at ALA to get to talk to the other artists especially our partner Tirramisu who continues to provide awesome company :] I also apologize for the possible terrible photoshop T.T Alot of the pictures were just taken in bad light and I blame it on being indoors and florescent lighting.

Already looking forward to next year! You know where my updates are~ Facebook : Twitter


Finally.. an archer!

For a long long time I’ve been wanting to make a archer cosplay! For any game, every game, my normal default for a class is a archer/hunter etc etc. Whatever they may be called within that game. Since playing Dragon Nest for awhile… I’ve really grown to love their designs. But the great part about it is that they have contests for fashion designs in game that are limited edition! Well… I found one I absolutely love =3 It’s by an artist that goes by Ziyoling which makes such awesome designs for DN classes! Here’s the one I want to make:

Can you guess which color I’m making~? xDD Well since there isn’t a pink/purple one, I guess blue will do =3 I really love the design and I’ll be making the prop this time so I’m super excited for me. I do have to say after watching Heroes of cosplay (which a review should be in a post all on its own) I have been trying to rely on myself and what I can do versus relying heavily on a boyfriend, husband, etc. But I think you need a person as a second opinion that will tell you how it looks straight up (hence why my outfits in their pre-stage has been deemed “potato sack”

Right. About the cosplay! the ingame model doesn’t look as nice (of course) and they made it waaay shorter too o.o

 photo costume35_zpsc1e282d0.jpg photo costume34_zpscfe08e0f.jpg

I’ll be making it more to look like the original drawing but… it’s interesting to see the differences xD

At this point I was planning to make this for ALA but it seems as though I have another convention before that: Comikaze? Maybe I’ll just wear Asuna again though xD Anyways! Really looking forward in making this already! Prop is already in progress =3 I’ll have to post up pictures later but my facebook always gets updates in a timely matter if you’d like to check it out =3