CCS Sakura – Shirt, collar, Skirt


Sakura’s shirt. Just cut the base out how I wanted and added sleeves.
Didn’t really have a pattern for the sleeves though. Just made it overly large so I could ruffle it at the top and at the bottom with elastic.


Instead of making the skirt part ruffles. They looked more like circle skirts to me.
And I bought a lot lot of fabric.. like 3 yds of white and 2 yds of pink. So I just made each layer bigger than the last. The top square is the smaller one.


The tiers of skirts xD This is before I trimmed it. Or else the whole thing would go down to my knees!! >.<;;
But this part was fairly easy. What was not easy was putting fray glue on the ends of it all so I can sew the bottom part easier (I haven’t done that yet, that’s for tomorrow).


Then this is the choker which I decided to do today. I don’t have the same color ribbon as the fabric and that annoyed me >.> That makes my job just a wee bit harder. But I suppose that’s because I was so used to shortcuts.. like bias tape! lol.

And I have a somewhat together pic on my Personal Blog. Not fond of it much but tomorrow hopefully I’ll have a better one!

So far I’ve spent about… maybe less than 5 hours on it. Give and take an hour because I had breaks as well as food.
Got a whole lot of stuff to do before ALA!

ALA countdown: 4 days