Bellum Pars I Fashion Collection

Welcome to the Battle :D


One day Hermsi came to me and told me that he contacted a convention about me doing a fashion show. Some background one me: I have always wanted to make my own collection come to life but without a spot to showcase it I never made it. I’ve drawn countless designs and collections but it was all too generic for me. So Hermsi calls me up and tells me Anime California has agreed to let me have a fashion show at the convention as a main event! See, right there I nearly fainted from shock, excitement, and nervousness. He just gave me about 6 weeks to do everything.. and I mean everything.

So I set out to start drawing a new collection from scratch. Why? Well the collections I had planned were a bit too detail intensive and had a lot more designs in one. Originally I wanted 12 designs but forced to cut back mainly because of time. I decided that since it was an anime convention with a huge game influence I decided to tap into my past where mmorpgs were my life. I always loved how classes were instantly recognizable even though designs varied so much. That is where Bellum Pars (latin for Battle Party) came to life!

And 6 weeks later after long talks about models, lighting, speeches, classes, designs, props, time, transportation, and cost… (just to name a few~)
I finally debuted 9 classes: Wizard, Adventurer, Mystic, Psychic, Ninja, Dancer, Bard, Musketeer, and elementalist!

This is just a snippet of pictures, for the full effect of the show please visit my facebook at:


Team 1 Classes : Mystic – Bard – Psychic


Team 2 Classes: Ninja, Adventurer, Musketeer


Team 3 Classes: Elementalist, Wizard, Dancer

Yes I decided to be a model as well because… well I can. It’s kind of the same reason why song writers also perform their own songs. Maybe they have the voice, may be not. But normally it stands true that if you work at it, you’ll be fine :D I also offered up model positions to mainly cosplayers as they would be the most familiar with the props and convention scene. And yes, I also have a slight bias as the cosplay community is pretty awesome~

What I found is collections are easier to make if I know what I’m making it for, event-wise. I can’t wait for the next show, with more time I can do some pretty crazy stuff :D Anyways, Thank you to Anime California for having me! Thanks to the models who stuck through all the fittings and craziness, and my team for the props and backstage work! Seriously was a group effort and couldn’t have done it without everyone!

I’m hoping to continue to do fashion shows for events. If you like what you see and would like to see me at a con/event near you, contact them! And have them email me at:


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