Already Planning for AX 2014


Can you guess~?

Anime Expo is definitely the biggest con of the year for me and it’s something I take a few months just to make cosplays for. I’ve been trying to keep it shush shush until I actually get some progress on it but I have 2 cosplays planned and 1 in the making! Can you guess what it is? Yes the one on the right looks like an animal, I’ll be morphing it into a cool looking dress so that’s just the animal~ And the circle on the top is a cosplay I don’t know I’m doing yet! But I’m pretty much planning to keep a spot open for promotional purposes and/or an easy cosplay for like …day 4.

I went to Wondercon 2014 and Anime Conji 2014 this month! They were both on the same weekend so it was quite the rush to go to both on different days. I don’t have many pictures at either so I won’t be posting anything up for them. There is a little on my facebook though~

I’ll be posting progress for my current cosplay that I’m re-doing as well soon and the new ones. I have a photoshoot soon so hopefully pictures up sometime in the next 2 weeks! I also told myself I wouldn’t buy regular clothes unless they are to help my cosplays or I can’t make at all xD So if I really want something… I better make the time to just make it myself lol. It’ll also help clear my closet problem it seems that I have been acquiring.

I’m super excited for AX now and I just can’t wait! I already have my ticket bought and just about to buy my tickets for Anime California in August and Anime LA in January! Yes they are both far off but if I know I’m going for sure why not just buy it now right? (while it’s cheap too! price increases may 1st~)’

Until the next time, bai!



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