Good Bye 2013~



Another cosplay year has gone by… and once again the collages come up to see what a whole year’s work looks like!

*waits… waits more*

Ahhhh I’m so embarrassed >.< I barely did any sewing work this year and I’ve felt it this whole year. It’s been hard though…  a lot of real life stuff pops up and makes my sewing skills rusty (at one point I forgot what my serger dials did…and what way on the sewing machine made the thread loop longer) So I admit putting together this compile was difficult… but I was glad to see that I had some something. xD

Oh! Did anyone notice I finally put together a cosplay timeline and a portfolio on the sidebar? It’s pretty much done too! The timeline was particularly hard to put together especially since I try to remember stuff from 5 years ago >.<;;

So yes. I’m particularly proud of certain works this year. Primarily Asuna & Kirito! I really love the skirts I made for fun as they started to open another path for me… and the bow you see there (unfinished though) is the first prop I’m fully making by myself ^^ The Jedi costume was a commission that turned out quite awesome for my friend and Mikoto was a great cosplay that led me to see another side of cons and booths! So I didn’t do such big projects like some of my other friends but… I did a lot this year. and I’m proud of it all~

I have big plans for 2014.. I can’t wait to take everyday by surprise!

So good-bye 2013, you won’t be missed — but you’ll be remembered



One thought on “Good Bye 2013~

  1. I’m so excited to see what you come up with for 2014! Maybe it’ll inspire me to finish working on a few of my straggling COSPLAYS that have just been laying around! :)

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