An LA Fashion District Trip

For being a Californian Cosplayer… I haven’t made my way to the LA Fashion District where fabric is just sprawling from stores. Fabric… zippers, trims, elastic, all the lovely things for any kind of sewing project! Main reason why I haven’t gone till now is primarily because I was satisfied with Joanns fabrics. Don’t get me wrong, I still do like them but…. I needed more. I needed different! With very little convincing I was able to schedule a basically last minute trip with my friends but that led me to only 2 hours before closing time for most of the stores. I was rushed.

Advice: Go early. It’s not THAT big of a place to scour but if your anything like a fabric enthusiastic as me… you’ll need the time!
(Plus my head went wild with ideas looking at all the fabric!!)

 photo LAtripfriends_zps687bad94.jpg

My friends just admiring how soft all the fur is! Literally And then I decided to take a picture and this is how they change.. xD It’s cute~ Also ignore my eye-bags, was on major stress the past week!

Advice: Wear comfy shoes! I traded in my normal heels for flats! Glad I did too :]

We started off around Michael Lavine’s and went around from there. (It’s the bluest consecutive building on Maple Street right after Olympic!)   And then proceeded to go around to LA Alex, LA Lady, A lot of crystal, button shops, and all the little stores I don’t remember the names of! I made sure to keep around a certain blocks I knew where the stores I would need to be around.

 photo overviewmap_zpsc05c9082.jpg

This is my slightly ghetto map… courtesy of google maps xD And.. some my own snippet work!

So after a good 2 hours… I didn’t get all that I needed to but I learned a lot! But what did I get?

 photo DSCN3601_zpsc37768a1.jpg

Well this is my full loot. Yet it includes some leftovers from dinner at Komodo and some starbucks.. tea. It was a White and oolong tea mix for the holidays! A little too bitter for my tastes at first but it was nice. Other than that I got about 17 buttons. A whole ROLL of elastic!! <3 (seriously happy about that) And also 6 yards of fabric for $2 per yard! And its basically suiting material so it’s thick and has a nice texture =3 But that’s it.

I can’t wait to go back! I also suggest not buying from Michael Lavine’s unless you see something you really like. Why? The prices are… pretty normal. It isn’t cheap that’s for sure. You can find a deal elsewhere but it might not be elsewhere :/ Ah the decisions. Hopefully when I go again I can take pictures of the store fronts and what not. When I was prepping for this trip I was sad that I couldn’t find any good guides… hopefully I can make one! Especially geared towards cosplayers :]


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