Almost new cards

 photo DSCN3459_zpsd646134f.jpg

I’ve needed an update with cosplay/store cards so Herms helped me out with my design! I always have something in my mind and I try to do it then Herms comes along and just makes it come to life =3 So the picture on the back is actually glossy and is from the ragnarok shoot in which Herms was actually the photographer for as well~ He was also the one that made my new logo of the butterfly which I absolutely love!! It’s a lot more elegant that the bow that I had before and I think reflects what I want my company to look like as well as myself. Just.. elegant and simple. I’ve also had a fascination with butterflies so it hold really close to who I am.

Normally with butterflies they symbolize metamorphism and turning from something small and simple into something beautiful that can fly free. Although I do like that being linked to a butterfly I just always loved the colors in butterflies and how elegant they always seem. It’s the one insect I am not afraid and find myself lingering towards therefore… butterflies! (And really.. I don’t like bugs at all T.T)

So these are the new cards. You can see the facebook symbol is cut off… and the corners are actually not even -.- It’s quite annoying and I already contacted the printing company about it. They prided themselves on perfection and what not but I am not happy with the cards and am still trying my best to find a trustworthy card manufacturer that I can constantly go back to.  Really loving the new look of my brand, can’t wait to feature it even more!

(with that note…. I was thinking of changing the name from kimikotan but… I’ve invested SO much into it that I feel bad about doing so… yet I made the name when I was really invested into the Japanese culture in which I’m not completely anymore… ah who knows. I’ll think about it)


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