Winter coming!

It’s that time for Updates!!

 photo DSC_0378_zps18535e70.jpg

So I shall share a picture that I found while digging through my Ragnarok photoshoot from awhile ago! At the moment I actually haev plans to re-wear this cosplay because I only got to wear it for one day at AX a few years back. So I’m thinking I can have the satisfaction of wearing it for another day, another con! Anyways.. updates! I’ll keep this simple!

I’m currently trying to…

* hope I get an ALA table for my only winter convention
* continuously update my store including have rotating sale items
* produce some new products for the Halloween holiday sneaking up on me
* start my kickstarter which is maybe 60% done
* find a cosplay to debut for ALA
* design for a wedding and a fashion line

It’s getting pretty crazy to the point where I get lost without a planner telling me what to do. I think I’m at the point where I have to work everyday if I want to see my dream come true. I can’t keep slacking off >.< But anyone else planning for winter conventions? I wish I had more to go to!



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