Mikoto Photoshoot~

Okay remember Anime Expo 2013? And I was Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds! Yea. I forgot to upload pictures from the photo shoot we did at con >.> But I’m remembering now! So here they are! Above you see the differences in backgrounds and expressions xD I’m kind of sad I didn’t make the dress out of different shades of grey… a lot of the details get washed out because of it >.< It makes me sad T.T But the crappy bow gets shown cause its white T.T Oh well! I worked with what I got xD Still kind of sad I didn’t have the sword T.T

Oh right! I have more pictures though~ Here’s the offical “teaser” picture that was posted on my facebook first:

 photo BlackDoll1_zps83d9a284.jpg

I think I just liked the sitting pose with this cosplay xD Just for sake of continuous background themes.. here’s a pink one!

 photo BlackDoll6_zpsfb16a5a2.jpg

But this is a little more of a cutsy kind of face xD It was really fun doing all these expressions!! Normally I kinda do the same thing… but I’m trying! Really! T.T And here.. one last picture of me just smiling =3

 photo BlackDoll4_zps44a598e1.jpg


So! That’s pretty much the extent of it. All in all.. you don’t see the details but that’s okay with me. It took me awhile to figure out she was a MAID LOLITA T.T I always thought she was just a lolita… >.>;;; I know… a little late to the party. But I guess the head piece never clicked in my head o.o Hope you like! Oh.. and here’s a reference picture if you are wondering what the details really look like~


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