Anime Expo Day 2

Anime Expo 2013 DAY 2~! Today was the day I decided to play photographer! So most of the pictures are either taken by me or Heather I believe…. our Kirito (who normally takes most of the photos) decided to spend the time looking cool instead of taking photos!

I actually started the day off as Asuna where we went around and just tried to enjoy the con. Missed a lot of events T.T But it’s okay… that is why there are youtube videos!! So it’s great~ And that’s why I love people who take videos =3 So keep it up guys! ^^

Right. So back to pictures! I’ll start off with my lovely Kirito (aka Hermsi) who can be seen on the left in this photo. We found another Kirito from the ALO part of Sword Art Online which seems to be evenly matched xD

 photo 1_zps5411793a.jpg

See? Two of them!

 photo DSC_0324_zps7c33e1f4.jpg

She did an awesome point :D I’m glad we got a picture of this pose cause it didn’t look like she could keep it for long xD

 photo DSC_0331_zps335a8461.jpg

League Cosplayers meshed with SAO! Haha, they were a pretty nicely put together group <3 I REALLY liked the Ahri for the way her tails were shaped (people make the mistake of creating them like normal fox tails?) and her outfit was beyond clean. It just… looks nice (in person especially!) I’ll stop spazzing >.>

 photo DSC_0353_zps2df0af7f.jpg

You know.. I’m not exactly sure where she is from.. but it looks cool xD Oh yea. Our Lizbeth in there too xP We like taking pictures with other cosplayers… it’s fun =3

 photo DSC_0360_zpsf13b9dc0.jpg

This was just adorable =3 Spirited Away!!!!

 photo DSC_0380_zps59f57430.jpg

She made the mask herself and that’s just amazing.. doesn’t it look amazing?!

 photo DSC_0391_zpsd5c538f8.jpg

Okay this has a funny story. I was being ultimate photographer and Hermsi basically had to do the things I suggest. So here is Kasumi hitting him…. literally. He’s laughing in this shot cause she ACTUALLY hit him xDDD It was hilarious. He said she hit like me = doesn’t hurt. Lol!

 photo DSC_0396_zps0aae8f5d.jpg

We decided to hang around the South Hall and my lovely SAO comrades got themselves caught up in a fight against the survey corps from Attack on Titans =.= Who won? You can find out here @ 2:13 ^^
 photo DSC_0452_zpsa335fb0e.jpg

And lastly… why not end with a cool digimon guy.. and a cat. xD
And if you got this far.. look for the rest of the pictures here!
(Password: Cosplay)


2 thoughts on “Anime Expo Day 2

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  2. Oh my god!! I knew she was from something “Ghibli” related!!

    I saw her during the con and I couldn’t guess her cosplay
    I’m glad I finally know

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