Mikoto Progress!

Mikoto Nishina from Phantom Breaker by 5pb!


 photo DSCN2917_zps006956b6.jpg
 photo DSCN2918_zpsfeab4845.jpg
 photo DSCN2920_zpsa1385e33.jpg

Basically the front and side panels! I’m trying something really… different for this outfit. So I drafted up a pattern but I wanted the seams to be in different places so it took some thinking… you can kinda see how I ended up doing it too! Some flaws in it was that I still had to make a side seam to make it fit nicely. And Don’t use a interfacing that doesn’t bend nicely >.< I totally got the wrong interfacing and had to use it anyways!

Anime Expo is less than a week away!! I’m so excited because I’ll be performing a new role this time around and get to see what it feels like to be stuck in a booth for a few hours a day! I’m excited but nervous at the same time… what if I just stand there and no attention is directed towards me?! I’m in all black and I feel as though I’ll just blend in!! T.T (I originally picked her cause I thought she was tinted purple… T.T)

As usual… I’ll be posting again later with more progress! But it seems as though I’ve taken a liking to my facebook page =3


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