Making a skirt poofy

Was working on Mikoto’s skirt the other day and realized I have to make  petticoat for it! Normally don’t make petticoats because many sewers realized that the amount of money to make a decent one is about the same as just buying it. So why waste the time? Well… I decided to waste the time xD I thought it would be good practice for me! So here’s a before and after picture basically~

 photo DSCN2915_zpsde5fcdf0.jpg
 photo DSCN2916_zpsc5a021d9.jpg
 photo DSCN2914_zpsbff2934b.jpg

So the skirt on it’s own, the petticoat, and then both combined! Might make it a bit bigger but still debating on it…

But just so this post is a little different from my regular blog posts…  I’ll show a bit more pictures!

 photo pettico_zps27fb9e19.jpg

Above is the tulle ruffles on and flipped so the open seams are on the inside part. I put shiny fabric as the top portion to make sure the cotton skirt wouldn’t stick onto the fabric weirdly, I wanted the skirt to flow off of it nicely~ The top part without the elastic measures up to around 60 inches… over twice my waist size xD So you could imagine how long it took me to weave an elastic band through the top seam!

 photo DSCN2912_zps3a36b40d.jpg

And once you put the elastic in WALA~ xD Somewhat of a nice tulle skirt. It costed me 3 yards and it was only that much poof T.T I’m thinking I should’ve invested 6 yards into it then xD Would’ve been some major poof there… I took parts of making my petticoat from this tutorial but ended up changing it around to see if I would make it poof more! I did take their idea in cutting the tulle into smaller pieces which really worked well. But I layered different depths of ruffles on top of each other to try to get a more interesting shape to it. If I have more time in the end I’ll love to take the extra tulle I have and sew a small layer on the bottom to make it poof out more~

Some things I would change?
Probably have a layer of regular silky fabric on the bottom, then a layer of the rougher type of tulle (I can’t spell the name.. starts with a C?) and have that ruffles on top of it. Then top it off with a longer layer of tulle super ruffles all around! sounds fun huh? Then I want to try making a multi tier tulle skirt to see how much I can poof out a skirt xD

Yes. Progress so far! I also met with a customer and got his first fitting for a cosplay done! It’s spot on so far and I’m super happy =3


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