PJs! Shorts~

Since I’ve been super busy in which I can’t really sit and do cosplays… I’ve had other mini projects while I wait like 10 minutes throughout my days.

So I decided to make pajama shorts!! It was actually fabric I bought two black friday’s ago… yea. Crazy right? It was really cheap and I bought all this cute fabric to practice making shorts xD So here it is~

 photo DSCN2822_zpsb081cba5.jpg

 photo DSCN2823_zps6b5aca24.jpg

Can you guess which is the front and the back? The top picture is the “unofficial” front. As in… It’s really the back because I got the sides mixed up >.< The shorts are really puffy too! It’s kinda cute =3 Super comfy that way too lol. Sort of like a half skirt… but I want my next shorts to be pleated and see how the shape looks instead. I also might keep with the bow butt.. it’s sorta cute =3 And unorthodox but it’s awesome~

I’m planning a huge announcement soon if I can get it off the ground. If so…. you’ll be seeing a lot more of me =3



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