Sakura 2.0 Prop

Working on Sakura’s Prop 2.0!! =3


This rarely comes about but… I am actually redoing my sakura ball gown things~ Including the headpiece and hip piece.. and MAYBE the staff… if I can find the means to do it. xD

So because of this you can kinda see the process I’m trying out for them! The left gold piece is the old finished piece which I don’t think was that nice… the middle piece is just all foam which you might be able to tell that I added a but more to it~ Just because I have a LOT of foam now (bought a huge roll). And the paper to the right is just the cut up pieces I used to measure it all out~ What I love about this piece is that I could start with one whole piece and then just cut it to make the rest as I go along~


And this is the lovely “new” prop piece! Haven’t started on the hip one yet… Been kind of distracted~

But okay this post wasn’t really to just show off my still unfinished prop piece xD It’s that ALA is coming up in a week and this is my busiest time to finish things off~ Basically… I work well under procrastination xD So hopefully

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