“Dream” Photoshoot – AB

The archbishop photoshoot theme’s was “Dream” this time around~ It was really fun! Hermsi took over 300+ photos~


I think this is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, personally. Not AS dynamic but…. it’s what represents me in this cosplay =3 I really just want to title this picture “come help me up!” xD


This ledge was really really high up >.> I had a hard time getting up as well as getting down T.T It was so scary.. and dirty o.o Very awkward to try to move around because you can’t really move when sitting on your own butt cape lol! THat goes for this picture too:


It worked out nicely~ plus the sun was setting so it made nice little shades and shadow things~~


Fun fact: Hermsi also drew those two cards a day or so before the convention =3 It’s the succubus card and dark angeling (I think? It’s been awhile) card. Plus I really like what my hair is doing in the picture >.> xDDD You can see my flawless crosses and what not too!


Running away shot~ It was fun! Plus you can “kinda” see the detailing that I did in the back… I’m proud of this cosplay. I really am. I think I may just wear it again for fun~


A shot of my full cosplay~ well… for the most part xD You can see a sliver of my white shorts… can you imagine what it would look like if I didn’t wear them?! All leg xD


Lastly for this post (even though I have more photos floating around~) Is the one that is Gee’s and Hea’s favorite out of the batch. I don’t see why so much (probably cause of the leg) but here it is ^^ Those heels are seriously a killer to walk in especially in places where the ground isn’t even T.T Yes… I know I’m suppose to be blonde but.. eh. Who cares. You can customize it in the game anyways! So if anything… I’m making it more realistic~? =333 OH don’t know where this is from?
Character: Archbishop
Game: Ragnarok Online

Cosplayer/Maker: Kimikotan (me)
Photographer: Hermsi



2 thoughts on ““Dream” Photoshoot – AB

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  2. Hermsi is a great photograph and you are such a great person to be photographed and you are getting better in posing in each photoshoot, maybe when you will have later your own cosplay and fashion series than you will be able to be your own photo model presenting your own fashion with hermsi as your photograph:3. I so would love to see that happen so i wish you good luck with the goal you set yourself at the beginning of your cosplaying if i remember right it was at the beginning you said that on one of your blogs and i would give the pictures a 10 out of 10. I cant wait for the next amazing cosplay and the amazing photoshoot of it:3 but well i have to xD

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