Game Worlds~

Dear Cosplay…

I know I haven’t done much for myself lately but I promise I’ll do something soon ^^ I have to finish a commission and some more products for the store until I can finally do so. Ears have to be made, commissions have to be loved~ 

On the bright side… I have 3 cosplays for myself lined up~ As time goes on I always add more… it’s inevitable. But there is a cosplay I am pushing to the top of my list! Anyone watching Sword Art Online right now? It’s awesome, I’m completely in love with all the characters and story so….


Me and the wonderful Hermsi are doing a duel cosplay!! I’ll be Asuna of course and he’ll be Kirito~ Both will be quite the challenge for me to make as details seem to be pretty heavy for both cosplays. It’s about time I got a new wig too….. xD I’m so excited for it I started planning Asuna out today because .. well.. it’s hot and I’m procrastinating on everything else. Tomorrow I have a full day of work so today will be just for me =3

On another note: Watch Accel World! I’m thinking of doing a mini cosplay from there by making KuroYukiHime’s school outfit ^^ Nothing too fancy but… something for me to do~~ I need a new school outfit… all my old ones I’m not satisfied with anymore xD Can you see the trend with me right now? I love watching the two animes where they have a game world~


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