Consent please =3

Look at what I found on facebook~

I have to agree with this completely.Even if someone is in cosplay.. that does not mean we are okay with pictures! Yes. For the most part we make cosplays and like people taking pictures of us…. but please… ASK!!!

It’s sad that… this happens to me during cons. And I don’t catch the bad things photographers do until… well until I’m uncomfortable. This past AX it was a photographer who I didn’t know kept taking pictures of me… then he took shots while I was just talking to my friends and… I’m just glad my friends made me move. It’s not that I don’t like pictures… but if you really want more than the normal… ASK! I don’t mind doing photoshoot… depending on if the guy seems professional and nice enough. Please… no creepy guys T.T It’s only creepy if they ask for me alone and ask for really… odd poses.

Sorry this was just my little rant~ On another note. I have my storenvy shop up ^^ Visit it:

I’ll update later!


One thought on “Consent please =3

  1. i dont want to know what this photographer used the pictures for if its something creepy or much worser than creepy O_O i dont want to think about it if i would have been the one getting stalked by himO_O but maybe he was just shy and liked your cosplay but you never know and i guess because of your blog a lot of people know when you are going somewhere and in which cosplays you are going and there are sometimes stalker in the internet but i hope that he wasnt one of those stalkers another thing could be that he has fallen in love with you and is tooooo shy to take pictures near you yeah iam trying to make it a bit not so creepy maybe we just should search the web for pictures of you to see if there is anything bad happening

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