AX 2012 – Day =3

Today was by far the best AX day of the 3 days I went~ It’s probably because it was the most pain for me as well as the most… fun! I got to run around in a huge dress and cape! Who wouldn’t love that xD

Alright, now onto pictures!!


whenever I saw a ballgown looking thing I ran to it =3 So here’s a lovely Saber for you! She was awesome with taking pictures with us~


I’ve noticed… with big poofy dresses like Ciel and Sakura… even Zelda! You get a lot more little kids taking pictures with you.. and its AWESOME~ lol!! SO CUTE!


It’s Kyuby and.. and… man I forgot her name but she fights cool lol! (Tell you the truth I only remmeber Madoka’s name…)


=3 Props on the handiwork~


Ash vs. Ash?!?


Digimon!! Tomb Raider?! xD


Hey where’s Perry?


I think he’s gonna eat me >.> xDD


She was aweomse~ Kuroyukihime — Accel World!


From Dynasty Warriors! I love this design =3


Floofy ballgowns <3


Hehe, we stole cabbage man’s cabbage =333


Okay who can’t love this? xDDD


MAKO!! >.> mako~ =3

Okay time to just start putting photos up:


Sorry for it being so picture heavy…. but these pictures are the best memories of expos =3 I honestly have a few more I didn’t put it but I’m also kind of lazy to fish them out >.>



6 thoughts on “AX 2012 – Day =3

  1. I just have to say it is totally love your dress*-* its so pretty i wish i could wear it for 1 day <3 iam so jealous that you can wear it everytime you want.. but iam not jealous of the frustration in the making process(if there was any) xD

  2. and a little question:3 is there a way to see more pictures of the dress than the ones that are postet here? yes your dress and you have a fangirl:3 iam also a fangirl of your pichu gijinka:3 those 2 are my favourite cosplays of yours:3 and yes i love that ” :3 ” smiley its kinda the one i use the most besides ” ^^ ” .

    • Hopefully I’ll have more pictures up later~ But I’m re-do-ing some parts of it so it might be awhile >.< It'll get up here eventually though ^^;;

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