AX 12′ — Day 1

June 29th 2012~ Anime Expo Day 1 was a shock to me. What kind of shock? A crazy x game shock -.- I can’t believe we had to share such a space with them!! I mean… don’t get me wrong… I wanted to watch them xD I just wish they didn’t block off roads and create a parking fiasco … >.>

Enough of the annoying part~ HEre’s some pictures! I didn’t take a lot with other people even though I Saw some awesome cosplays… but I’ll put up what I have~




I thought this was so adorable~ She is holding a pin! Lol!!!


The Katara… I swear I’ve seen the cosplayer somewhere but… She’s the best Katara I have ever seen o.o <3 Mei is also awesome in this too~


And here’s me and my sister… I wore Pichu again this day~ It’s not retired though~!! =3 So is Eevee~ Therefore…. time to make some new Pokemon ones… maybe!

AX day 1 was nice. I pre-shopped and went around to check things out~ Oh! Also watched most of the AMV’s then got lost on the way home T.T Scary when you get lost in downtown LA btw.. Don’t worry, Day 2 is more eventful~



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